Mac system log files

System Log Files on Mac: Is It Safe to Delete Them

An overview of system log files on Mac. About how to view the system log on a Mac and whether it is safe to delete them on your Mac.

macOS 13 Ventura

macOS 13 Ventura: Beta, Compatibility, Release Date, Features

Getting to know the latest macOS 13 Ventura's release date, compatibility, and the new productivity and continuity features that Apple announced in WWDC 2022.

Find Hard Drive on Mac

How to Find Hard drive on Mac?

Read to learn how to find hard drive on Mac and how to fix the problem when can't find hard drive on Mac.

All Macos Versions

A list of all macOS & Mac OS X versions - including the latest macOS Ventura

This article introduces every Mac OS X and macOS version in order from the first to the latest macOS, including their updated features, pros, and cons.

Everything you need to know about Auto Save and Versions on Mac

Auto Save and Versions on Mac: Everything You Need to Know

This article explains what is Auto Save and Version on Mac, and makes you know more about these two overlooked features on Mac.


Microsoft NTFS Overview & FAT32, exFAT VS NTFS

About what is NTFS and the pros and cons of Microsoft NTFS. The differences between FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS.

Application Support folder on Mac

What & Where Is the Application Support Folder on Mac

This post explains what the Application Support folder is on Mac, where it locates, and whether you can delete the Application Support folder on Mac.

Trusted Platform Module

Trust Platform Module(TPM)--Everything You Need To Know

This guide gives a full introduction about what Trust Platform Module(TPM)is, and how to enable or disable it.

file format

File Format Explained and 5 Different File Types You Should Know!

This article tells you the basic definition of file format and lets you know 5 different file types.

MTS File Extension Understanding

What is an MTS File Extension & How to Open It?

File type comes with various extensions. MTS file is one member of the file family. This article from iBoysoft gives you a comprehensive introduction to the MTS file.

Go to Folder in Finder

'Go to Folder' in Finder: What Does It Do & How to Use It

An introduction of the feature 'Go to Folder' in Finder, including its function and how to use Go to Folder to open a folder and subfolder.

Xcode for Mac

What Is Xcode on Mac | How to Download & Install It on Mac

All about Apple Xcode on Mac, including the explanation of Xcode, whether you need it, and the steps to download and install Xcode on your Mac.

APFS Encrypted in Disk Utility

APFS vs APFS Encrypted vs FileVault, How to Choose?

Should you use APFS or APFS Encrypted? This post explains their differences, APFS Encrypted vs FileVault and the steps to erase an APFS ENcrytped drive on Mac.

macos library folder

macOS Library Folder: What Is It & How to Access It?

An introduction to the macOS Library folder, tells how to access the invisible Library folder on Mac and how to make the macOS Library folder visible in Finder.

DFU Mode on Mac

DFU Mode on Mac: What It Is And How to Enter It

DFU stands for Device Firmware Update. Entering DFU mode on Mac can help you restore or revive your Mac when Recovery Mode is not working.

what and where are APFS snapshots

APFS Snapshots: Restoring Your Mac to a Previous State

An overview of APFS snapshots, including what an APFS snapshot is, what it is used for, where it is stored on Mac, and APFS snapshots vs. Time Machine backups.

USB to serial port adapter

What is USB Port Adapter and Its Uses

This article introduces USB port adapters. Find a USB port adapter or multi USB hub to help you connect two or more devices for data transfer, network connection, or screen sharing.

what is Apple Configurator 2

Apple Configurator 2: The Hidden Trick to Revive Your M1 Mac

Apple Configurator 2: Read to know what Apple Configurator 2 is and how to use Apple Configurator 2 to revive M1 Mac.

Mac Single User Mode

How to Boot into Mac Single User Mode and Repair Your Hard Disk?

Boot your Mac into Single User Mode and use Mac Single User Mode to repair hard disk. And offers the guide to use Mac Single User Mode command.

what is Boot Camp Assistant on Mac

What Is Boot Camp Assistant on My Mac?

Boot Camp Assistant, a multi-boot but free utility on Intel-based Macs designed by Apple, allows you to switch between the macOS and Windows.

Thunderbolt port

Thunderbolt Port: Everything You Should Know [Updated in 2022]

Confused about what is Thunderbolt port? This article will explain to you what is Thunderbolt port, how it works, and what do people use Thunderbolt ports for.

Mac Admin Account

What Is An Administrator Account on Mac?

An explanation of the Mac admin account. After reading, you will know what you can do with the privileges of an admin account. Plus, you can find solutions for the no admin account on Mac issue.

what is cloud storage

Cloud Storage Overview: Definition, Pros & Cons, Types

What is cloud storage? This post contains the definition of cloud storage, the use of cloud storage, the working principle of cloud storage, and more.

Mac Home Folder

What is Home Folder on Mac & How to Use it?

If you use macOS for the first time, then you might be unfamiliar with the Home Folder on Mac. This post will tell you what Home Folder is and how to use it on Mac.

Find My Mac

Set Up Find My Mac to Locate Your Mac If Lost/Stolen

Read this post, you will know how to turn on Find My Mac to protect data and how to turn off Find My Mac.

what is iCloud

What is iCloud & How to Use It?

It tells what is iCloud and what is iCloud+. Also, it offers how to set up an iCloud account on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even on Windows PC.

Keyboard Setup Assistant on Mac

Use Keyboard Setup Assistant on Mac to Identify Keyboard

Identifying your keyboard with Keyboard Setup Assistant on Mac? Here are the details and what to do when Mac Keyboard Setup Assistant keeps popping up.

Ctrl Alt Delete for Mac

What is Ctrl+Alt+Delete on Mac: How to Force Quit Programs?

This article tells you the equivalent of Ctrl Alt Delete on Mac, its alternatives and how to force quit applications.

FLV file extension

FLV File Extension Explained: What Is It and How to Open It?

FLV is a container file format used to deliver digital video content developed by Adobe Systems for its Flash Player in 2003. This article offers you a comprehensive introduction to FLV file format.

what is Time Machine on Mac

What Is Time Machine on Mac & How to Use It (2022 Overview)

This Mac Time Machine overview explains what is Time Machine on Mac, how to use Time Machine on Mac, and FAQs about it in security, performance, etc.

Vmware Fusion

Beginner's Guide: What is a Virtual Machine?

All about the meaning and types of virtual machines, the pros and cons of common virtual machine software for Mac, and other alternatives of VMs for Mac.

Fix error code 100060 on Mac

Fix Mac Error Code 100060 on (micro) SD Cards/Hard Drives

Experiencing error code 100060 on Mac when transferring files to (micro) SD cards, external hard drives, USBs, etc? Get to know what error 100060 is and 10 ways to fix it.

what is NVRAM or PRAM

NVRAM/PRAM: How to Reset & When Should You Use It on Mac

About what is NVRAM and what is it used for, when to reset NVRAM and how to reset it, etc. Also, tell the differences between NVRAM, Flash, and RAM.

Apple Silicon Mac

Apple Silicon Mac, Apple Silicon Mac VS Intel Mac

An overview of Apple silicon Mac, including its performance and weak points. The differences between an Apple silicon Mac and an Intel Mac.

mds stores on Mac

What Is Mds_stores on Mac | Fix Mds_stores High CPU Monterey

Introduce what mds_stores on Mac is and how to fix mds_stores consuming high CPU on Mac. Tell you how to stop mds_stores on Mac.

Windows operating systems

What Is Computer Operating System and How Does It Work

An introduction to the definition and the function of the computer operating system. It also recommends highly-acclaimed computer operating systems.

mac system report

Get to Know System Report on Your Mac[macOS Ventura]

An explanation of the system report on Mac, it also guides on how to check system report/system information in macOS Ventura and how to use the Mac system report.

BitLocker drive encryption

How to Use BitLocker Drive Encryption on Windows 10

A complete overview of how to use BitLocker on Windows 10 to encrypt your data. Plus BitLocker recovery mode and BitLocker recovery key.

Apple T2 chip

Apple T2 Chip: What does it do, T2 Chip VS M1 Chip

An overview of T2 security chip, including which Mac models with T2 chip, what is it, and how does it work. Differences between T2 chip and M1 chip.

Hard Drive

An Overview about External Hard Drive

An overview about external hard drive, including what's an external hard drive, usage of external hard drives, the best external hard drive for Mac, etc.

USB flash drive

What is a USB flash drive/thumb drive/pen drive?

This is a summary of What a USB flash drive is, how to use one, its pros and cons, and how to take care of it

What is HFS plus

What is HFS+: exFAT vs. HFS+ vs. NTFS

This article overviews HFS+, including its purpose, features, and differences of exFAT vs. HFS+ vs. NTFS.

Mac Finder

Get to Know What Is Finder on Mac and How to Use It More Efficiently

The overview of what is Finder on Mac, including how to use Mac Finder and how to close Finder on Mac.

APFS vs macOS Extended

APFS vs. Mac OS Extended - Which Format Option is Better

Difference between APFS vs. Mac OS Extended in speed, encryption, Time Machine backup format, etc. Which one is better for disk format.

what is APFS

Apple File System (APFS): Is It The Best Format for A Drive

About what is APFS, including its OS compatibility, features, and limitations. Also, compare APFS and Mac OS Extended.

HEIC file

HEIC File: What is It & How to Convert It to PNG/JPEG?

HEIC is a new image format designed to save space while providing a high compression rate. This article goes over the HEIC file in depth and shows you how to open it on a Mac.

erase all content and settings on mac

[Monterey&Ventura]A Quick Way to Erase All Content and Settings on Mac

This post explains the new features Erase All Content and Settings in macOS Monterey and Ventura. It enables you to erase all content and settings on Mac without reinstalling macOS.

macos ventura system settings

System Settings: The Redesigned App in macOS Ventura

This post talks about the revamped System Settings app on macOS Ventura, once System Preferences on macOS Monterey and earlier, including the new design, relocated settings, and some problems.

sd card

Learn more about SD Card, Mini SD Card & Micro SD Card

An overview about SD card, including what's an SD card, how to use an SD card, how to format SD card, and differences between types of SD cards.

M1 Bootcamp

[Explained] Fail to Use Boot Camp on M1 Mac?

Reading this post to find out whether you can use Boot Camp with the M1 Mac and the alternative methods to run Windows on ARM-based Mac.

Apple FileVault encryption

What Is FileVault And How to Encrypt Disk with It

Here is a complete introduction to FileVault disk encryption. Reading this post to know what is FileVault on Mac and how to use it to protect your data.

Fusion drive vs SSD vs HDD

Fusion Drive vs. SSD vs. HDD

Fusion drive, SSD, or HDD? Which is the best choice for your Mac? Can't tell the difference among the fusion drive, SSD and HDD? Don't worry, this article will tell you the secrets of them.

disk SMART status

SMART Status Error: How to Fix?

This article gives you a clear explanation of SMART, how to check your hard drive's SMART status, and how can you fix the SMART status error.

System Preferences on Mac

System Preferences on Mac: Where It Is & How to Use It?

An overview about System Preferences on Mac, including what is System Preferences, where is System Preferences on Mac, and what’s the use of it.

Mac Launchpad

Mac Launchpad Basics: Delete Launchpad Duplicate Icons

Here are ways to delete Launchpad duplicate icons and get the removed Launchpad back to Dock. Read to know What Launchpad is, and how to use Launchpad shortcut key and add applications to Launchpad.

Full Disk Access Mac

What Is Full Disk Access on Mac & Is It Safe to Allow It

An overview of Full Disk Access on Mac, including what it is, whether you should allow it on macOS, and how to grant Full Disk Access on Mac.

Mac disk is full how to fix it

Mac Startup Disk is Full, Here's how to Free Up Disk Space

Fix the error 'Your startup disk is almost full' and find the causes. Free up your disk space when Mac disk is full.

Can Mac read exFAT

[Answered] Can Mac Recognize and Read exFAT External Drives?

Mac can fully read and write external devices with exFAT format. It will mount the exFAT device automatically in Finder and desktop.

startup security utility on Mac

Access & Change Settings of Startup Security Utility (M1 Mac Included)

Apple provides multiple ways to secure your Mac and the Startup Security Utility is one of such features. This post will help you understand what is Startup Security Utility & how to access it on Mac.

Mac Trash

What And Where Is Mac Trash?

This is a simple yet clear explanation to Mac Trash. It elaborates on what and where is Mac Trash. Plus how to use Mac Trash to delete files, recover files, and empty files.

DS_Store files on Mac, Windows and GitHub

DS_Store Files (What & How to Open,Hide,Delete & Disable)

What is a DS_Store file? Read to know how to open, hide, delete and disable DS_Store files on Mac. Also, learn how to ignore DS_Store files in GitHub.

Mac console

What is Console on Mac & How to Read Mac Console Logs (2022)

What is Console on Mac? This guide tells what Console does on Mac, how to access, close, and read Console logs, and Mac Console shortcuts for quick actions.


SSD TRIM: What Is SSD TRIM and How to Enable SSD TRIM on Mac?

Read to know what is SSD TRIM, including the benefits of SSD TRIM command and how to enable SSD TRIM on Mac.

A beginner

How to Open & Use Terminal (Command Prompt) on Mac?

A beginner’s guide to know Mac Terminal. Get to know how to open and use Terminal on Mac and common Terminal commands.

Mac Disk Utility

How to Use Disk Utility on Mac - A Beginner's Guide

A beginner’s guide to use Disk utility on Mac to repair hard drives, restore disk images, add partitions or volumes to disks and erase disks to free space.

What is an SSD

What Is an SSD and How It Differs from an HDD?

SSD vs. HDD: which is better? Read this passage to know what is SSD and its differences between HDD as well as how to pick a right SSD drive.


Fsck: How to Use Fsck Command to Repair Hard Drive on Mac?

Read to know what is fsck and how to run fsck manually on Mac. And find the basic fsck command in this post.

startup disk Mac

What Is Startup Disk on Mac

This post discusses the startup disk on Mac, including what it is, how to change a startup disk, etc., and provides fixes for some common problems on the startup disk.

what is plist file

What Is a PLIST File and How to Open It on Mac?

An overview of the plist file, including what a plist file is, what a plist file is used for, and how to open a plist file on Mac and Windows.

Activity Monitor Mac

Mac Activity Monitor: A Hidden Utility to Monitor Mac Activities

Read to know about Activity Monitor Mac, including what Mac Activity Monitor is and how to open Activity Monitor on Mac.

Spotlight Search on Mac

Spotlight Search Shortcut: How to Use Spolight Search on Mac

A full guide of Spotlight Search on Mac, including what the Spotlight is on Mac and how to use it. How to customize and turn off Spotlight on Mac?

Reset SMC

What Is SMC & How to Reset the SMC on Intel/M1 Mac

Reading this post, you will know what is SMC on your Mac. More important, you can learn when and how to reset SMC to troubleshoot abnormal MacBook Ari/Pro/iMac/Mac Pro/Mini.

Boot your Mac in Safe Mode

How to Boot Your Mac in Safe Mode to Diagnose & Fix Issues

Boot your Mac in Safe Mode, and use Safe Mode to fix your Mac problems. Also, offer solutions for fixing Mac Safe Mode that's not working.

firmware password Mac

Turn Off Firmware Password on macOS 12 Monterey (Step-by-Step Guide)

Mac Firmware Password: Read to know what is a firmware password, how to turn off a firmware password on Mac in macOS 12 and how to set firmware password on Mac.

Macintosh HD volume

Macintosh HD vs. Macintosh HD Data: What Are the Differences?

A full explanation about What is Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD - Data. And also tells the difference between Macintosh HD and Macintosh HD - Data.

Target Display Mode in iMac

Target Display Mode: Use Your Old iMac As Monitor

Some old iMacs models, shipped from 2009 to mid-2014, can be used as displays for other apple devices in target display mode.

mac photos duplicates album

Duplicates: An Added Album in macOS Ventura Photos App

This post aims to introduce the Duplicates album, a new feature on macOS Ventura. Reading this post, you will dive into this feature and know how to organize your duplicate photos and videos on Mac.

Utilities folder on Mac

What & Where is the Utilities Folder on Mac/MacBook?

Wondering where the Utilities folder is on your MacBook or desktop Mac? Learn 5 ways to access the Utilities folder on Mac and what the Utilities folder is.

Mac Preview app

Mac Preview: What It Is & How to Use It?

Overview about Mac Preview, including what it is and how to use Preview on Mac to view and edit images and PDFs.


[2023 Updated] Basic Things You Should Know About QNAP NAS

Mac users connect an external hard drive to Mac as the Time Machine backup drive more often. This post introduces you a new stuff allowing you to back up your Mac via Time Machine without a drive.

Voice Memos on Mac

Everything You Should Know About Voice Memos on Mac

It tells what is the Voice Memos app on Mac, how to set Voice Memos, and how to use it to record audio on Mac. Where to find Voice Memos files is also mentioned.

wake for network access

Wake for Network Access/Wake on LAN: A Feature on macOS/Mac OS X

This post explains the feature wake for network access on your Mac and guides you to enable/disable the wake-on-LAN option on both Mac desktops and laptops running macOS Ventura and earlier versions.

M3 Apple Silicon Chip

M3 Apple Silicon Chip: What We Know So Far?

Since the M1 and M2 lineup of Macs are released so long, Apple now bury itself in new lineup of Macs, that is, the Macs soldering M3 Apple Silicon chips. This article guides you to know fully.

What Is Safe Mode and How to Boot Into It

Full Guide: What Is Safe Mode & How to Boot Into It

This post explains what is Safe Mode on Windows and describes how to boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode and how to turn off it.

photoanalysisd high CPU usage in Activity Monitor

What is Photoanalysisd on Mac | Fix Photoanalysisd High CPU

Explain what photoanalysisd is and how to fix the photoanalysisd high CPU issue on Mac, including the steps to disable photoanalysisd on Mac.

what is search marquis

What Is Search Marquis & Why It Is on Your Mac

About what Search Marquis is on Google Chrome, including why it is on your Mac, whether it is dangerous, and how to remove Search Marquis from Mac.

Mac Energy Saver

Mac Energy Saver: Where It Is & How to Change It

An overview of Energy Saver on a Mac, including where Energy Saver is and how to change Energy Saver settings on a Mac/MacBook Monterey & Big Sur.

mac modifier keys

Mac Modifier Keys: What Are They and How to Use Them?

This article introduces Mac keyboard modifier keys, tells where they are on a Mac keyboard, and how to customize the functionality of Mac modifier keys on macOS Ventura and earlier versions.

A Full Guide to Using FaceTime on Mac

A Full Guide to Using FaceTime on Mac

This post tells what FaceTime on your Mac is and how to use it on Mac.

Mac clipboard manager

Mac Clipboard Manager: A Wonderful Utility To Manage Clipboard On Your Mac

Mac clipboard manager allows you to keep a history of everything you copy on the clipboard so that you can access them at any time. This article guides you to know some wonderful clipboard managers.

fseventsd high CPU usage on Mac

What is Fseventsd | Fix Fseventsd High CPU or Memory Usage

Wondering what fseventsd or the .fseventsd folder on USB is? This post gives you the details and solutions to fix fseventsd high CPU or memory usage.

What is a RAR file

[2023 Upgraded] Get To Know RAR File On Your Computer!

RAR file is a file format that contains one or more files that have been compressed into a smaller file using WinRAR software. You can use it to transfer or store huge files on your computers.

Mac uptime

How to Check Mac Uptime, Reboot, and Shutdown History

Do you want to know how long your Mac has been continuously operating without a restart? Read to know about Mac uptime.

macos usr local bin

Guide to Usr/local/bin Folder on macOS

This post explains bin files on Mac and the usr/local/bin folder. Plus, it guides you on how to access usr/local/bin on Mac in Finder or Terminal.

A Basic Introduction To HelpViewer On Mac

Mac HelpViewer Basics: What Is It And How To Open It On Mac?

HelpViewer is an application that shows users the help screens, which are written in HTML. You can read this post for more information about HelpViewer.

What is mdsync in Activity Monitor

What is Mdsync & How to Fix Mdsync High CPU Usage on Mac?

Is mdsync consuming high CPU usage on Mac? Learn what mdsync is and how to stop mdsync from using high CPU on Mac with this post.

New Folder With Selection

How to Use 'New Folder With Selection' in macOS Ventura?

Read to know what is New Folder With Selection in macOS and how to use the New Folder With Selection feature on Mac or MacBook.

trustd process Mac

What is trustd Process on Mac and How to Solve trustd High CPU

What is trustd process in the Activity Monitor on Mac? Read to know how to fix the trustd process taking up high CPU usage.

What is Winmail dat and how to open it on Mac

What is Winmail.dat & How to open it on Mac?

This post gives a full introduction to Winmail.dat and shows how to open Winmail.dat on Mac.

mac delete keyboard shortcut and command line

Keyboard Shortcuts & Command Lines for Mac Deletion

This post elaborates on the Mac delete keyboard shortcuts and command line. After reading, you will know how to delete a file/folder or multiple ones using keyboard shortcuts and the command lines.

what are kernel extensions on Mac

What Are Kernel Extensions on Mac & Are They Safe?

An overview of kernel extension on Mac, including what kernel extensions are, are kernel extensions safe, and how to enable kernel extensions on Mac.

Mac text clipping

Mac Text Clippings:A Little-Known But Effective Feature You Need To Know!

This article introduces you to a less-known but amazing feature designed for macOS computers that allows you to make the wanted characters or paragraphs to a new file by dragging.

What is Windows old and how to delete it

Windows.old: What is it & How to delete it

This post introduces Windows.old and explains how to delelet it on Windows.

IMDPersistenceAgent on Mac

What is IMDPersistenceAgent | IMDPersistenceAgent High CPU

Detail what IMDPersistenceAgent is and how to fix IMDPersistenceAgent using high CPU or memory usage on Mac.

go menu Mac

Go Menu on Mac: Find & Use It to Access Folders

Overview of the Go menu on Mac. Tell you how to find and use the Finder Go menu on Mac to access a specific folder.

What is ColorSync Utility on Mac

ColorSync Utility: What It Is & How to Use It?

This post shows what is ColorSync Utility and how to use it on Mac/MacBook.

Windows File History

Windows File History: A Helper Backs Up Your Windows PC Automatically

Windows File History is a wonderful feature that backs up your files and data on a Windows computer and functions a lot in data recovery work. This post guides you to know Windows File History.

What Is and How to Use iMovie for Mac

iMovie for Mac: What Is It and How to Use iMovie for Mac?

It tells what is iMovie for Mac, how to use iMovie for Mac, and how to uninstall iMovie for Mac if you decide not to use it anymore.

encrypt local backup

Encrypt Local Backup: An Option to Protect iOS Backup on Mac/Windows

This post explains the encrypt local backup option while backing up iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to Mac/Windows. Reading this post provided by iBoysoft to know how to use this feature.

Suggestd process on Mac

What is Suggestd? Fix Suggestd High CPU/Memory Usage on Mac

This article tells you what suggestd is, how to fix suggestd high CPU or memory usage, and what to do if suggestd keeps crashing with the bug report saying 'suggestd quit unexpecedly.'

A Basic Introduction to Windows Command Prompt

Windows Command Prompt: What Is It and How To Use It?

Windows Command Prompt is a powerful built-in toolset that performs your command lines and responds to you the results. This article guides you to know this toolset comprehensively.

Mac Archive Utility

Mac Archive Utility: A Tool for File Compression & Expansion

Read this article to understand Mac Archive Utility and know how to manage file compression and expansion on Mac with this hidden tool. 

What Is SSD Wear Level

What Is SSD Wear Level & How to Measure It on Mac?

Read to know what is SSD wear level and how to check SSD wear level on Mac to examine SSD health.

What is Boot Configuration Data

A Complete Introduction About Boot Configuration Data

This is an introduction to BCD, which also includes how to fix error code 0xc0000034 by rebuilding BCD and how to create BCD.

Guest user on Mac

What is Guest Account on Mac and How to Use it

A guest account on Mac is a simple and convenient way for other people to use your computer while your personal data remains secure and private.

Triald process on Mac

What is Triald Process on Mac?|Fix Triald High CPU Usage

Wondering what the triald process on Mac is? This post will provide you with an answer and assist you in resolving triald process high CPU usage.

Mac app switch

Mac App Switcher: Where Is It and How to Switch Apps on Mac

Where is Mac app switch and how to switch apps on Mac? Check this post to know more.

What is Restore Point and how to create it on Windows 10 or 11

Restore Point: What Is It & How to Create A Restore Point

This introduces what is the restore point and how to set a restore point on Windows 10/11.


Syspolicyd Process Explained & Syspolicyd High CPU Fixed!

Have noticed that the syspolicyd process hogs CPU in the background? Reading this post to know what syspolicyd is and what to do when it uses a high CPU on your Mac.

What Is Institutional Recovery Key

What Is Institutional Recovery Key And How to Use It?

Read to know what is FileVault institutional recovery key and how to create and use the institutional recovery key.

A Basic Introduction to Advanced Data Protection for iCloud

[2023] A Basic Introduction to Advanced Data Protection for iCloud

Advanced Data Protection for iCloud is a newly coming feature that secure your data at a more advanced level. This article guides you to know this new function comprehensively.

Mac Control Center

Where Is the Control Center on Mac & How to Use It?

This post answers where is the Control Center on Mac and how to use Control Center Mac.

M2 Pro and M2 Max

M2 Pro & M2 Max--A Huge Leap Over M1

This post introduces two new chips released by Apple, including a comparison with the old chips.

distnoted mac

Introduction to Distnoted on Mac & Fixes for High Memory/CPU Distnoted

This post talks about the distnoted process on Mac. After reading this post, you will know what the distnoted is, and the reasons and solutions for distnoted using high memory and CPU.

Apple AirPrint

AirPrint: How Does Apple's AirPrint Work on macOS or iOS?

Read to know what is Apple AirPrint and how to use Apple AirPrint to print photos or documents from Mac, iPhone,and iPad.

What is automatic login on Mac

What is Automatic Login on Mac and How to Turn It On

The automatic login on Mac allows you to enter your Mac without typing your password during the startup. Read to know what it is and how to enable or disable it. 

Where is the alt key on mac

What and Where is the Alt Key on Mac? [Shortcuts Included]

The equivalent key of the Alt key on Mac is the Option key. You can learn how to use the Alt key on Mac and discover some common key shortcuts.

What is searchpartyuseragent on Mac

Searchpartyuseragent, Searchpartyd, Bluetoothd & Locationd

Read on to learn what searchpartyuseragent, searchpartyd, bluetoothd, and locationd on Mac are and how to fix searchpartyuseragent high CPU usage.

Airplane mode on Mac

Airplane Mode on Mac: What Is It & How to Turn It on

This post elaborates on what is Airplane mode on Mac and how to enable Mac Airplane mode in two quick ways.

Command Z Mac

What Does Command Z Do on a Mac?

Read to know what is Command + Z on a Mac and how to undo Command Z on Mac.

SSH on Mac

What is SSH on Mac and How to Enable It

This article explains what SSH is and tells you how to enable SSH on Mac to use it for remotely controlling your Mac. 

Continuity Camera

Continuity Camera: What It is & How to Use

It introduces a new feature, Continuity Camera, about what it is and how to use it, including how to fix it isn't working.

Mac Continuity

Mac Continuity: What Is It & Feature to Connect All Your Apple Devices

Read this post to know what is Mac Continuity, how it works, and some fun features you should make use of.

Apple QuickTime Player for Mac

A Beginner's Guide to QuickTime Player for Mac

This article leads you to know a wonderful native application comes with your Mac, that is, QuickTime Player for Mac. You can learn what it it and what functions does it have.

Full Guide Image Capture on Mac or MacBook

Full Guide: Image Capture on Mac/MacBook

This post introduces Image Capture to you on Mac/MacBook, including what Image Capture is, and how to use it.

bitlocker automatic device encryption

BitLocker Automatic Device Encryption: It Explains Automatically Enabled BitLocker on Windows 10/11

This post elaborates on BitLocker automatic device encryption, including what it is, how it works, how to activate and disable it, etc. And explains why some users found it enabled without knowledge.

Security Keys for Apple ID

Security Keys for Apple ID: Advanced Protections for User Data

Apple introduces an advanced security feature focused on protecting against threats to users' data in the cloud, that is, Security Keys for Apple ID. This article walks you through what is it.

mdworker shared process on Mac

What are mdworker_shared, mdworker & mds|Fix High CPU Usage

Explaining what mdworker_shared, mdworker & mds processes on Mac are and what to do if they consume high CPU or memory usage.

What is Photo Booth on Mac or MacBook

What is Photo Booth on Mac/MacBook?

This post includes everything about Photo Booth on mac. You'll learn what is Photo Booth, how to uninstall Photo booth on mac, and how to use it.

What is the Clock app for Mac

Clock App for Mac: Bring Times and Alarms to the Desktop

This article tells you what is the Clock app for Mac. And more importantly, it explains how to use the Mac Clock app on macOS Ventura.

Mac auto clicker

Mac Auto Clicker: Manage Your Mouse Button Click on Mac

Read this post to know what is a Mac auto clicker and how it changes the way your Mac click performs.

mac sleep mode

What Is Mac Sleep Mode & How to Enable, Set, Change It?

This post explains what the sleep mode is on Mac, different types of sleep mode, and how to enable sleep mode, change sleep settings on macOS Ventura and earlier versions.

Fix corespotlightd high CPU

What is Corespotlightd? Fix Corespotlightd High CPU Usage

Finding corespotlightd using high CPU usage in Activity Monitor? Here're the solutions and explanation of what corespotlightd is.

Universal Binary on Mac

Universal Binary on Mac: What Is It & How Does It Help?

Read this post to know what is Universal Binary and how it works to ease the transition from Intel Macs to Apple silicon Macs.

what is Mac Notification Center and how to use it on Mac

Mac Notification Center: What Is It & How to Use It?

This article tells you everything you need to know about Mac Notification Center, including what is it, how to access it on macOS, and more.

power nap on mac

Power Nap on Mac: What Is It & How to Turn on/off It

This post explains the Power Nap on Mac and tells how to turn it on/off on macOS Ventura and earlier versions. After reading, you will have a deep understanding of the Power Nap.

Mac startup programs

[Ventura Updated] Change, Stop, Remove Mac Startup Programs

To learn what and where Mac startup programs are and how to change or stop programs from running at startup on macOS Ventura, Monterey, or earlier.

macos ventura usb accessory security

USB/Thunderbolt Accessory Security on macOS Ventura

This post elaborates on the USB/Thunderbolt accessory security, an enhanced protection feature on macOS Ventura, it tells how the USB Restricted Mode works and how to change security configuration.

what is EFI Boot on Mac

EFI Boot: What Is It & How to Get Rid of It on Your Mac?

If you encounter the EFI Boot option when pressing Option at Mac startup, read this post to know what it is, why it occurs, and how to remove it.

What is Weather app macOS and how to use it

Weather App macOS: A Big Leap for Weather Widget

Apple's Ventura update brings the long-waited Weather app macOS to Mac computers. Read this article to take full advantage of it.

Apple Freeform

Apple Freeform: A Collaborative Whiteboard for Everyone

Apple Freeform is a great app to bring your ideas to life, sketch out a project, design a mood board, or start a brainstorming session on a flexible canvas that supports almost any kind of file.

QuickLookUIService on Mac

What is QuickLookUIService on Mac? High CPU Usage Fixed!

What is QuickLookUIService on Mac? This post gives you the answer and solutions to try when QuickLookUIService uses high CPU or memory usage.

What is Mac VoiceOver and how to enable it on Mac

Mac VoiceOver: What Is It & How to Enable It on Mac

This article explains everything you need to know about Mac Voice, the screen reader on macOS. Including what is it, and how to use it on your Mac.

use Summarize on Mac

Summarize: Use It to Shorten Text Documents on Mac

macOS offers a built-in Summarize tool. Read this post to know how to use it to shorten your text documents on Mac.

softwareupdated Mac

What is softwareupdated on Mac? Fix softwareupdated High CPU

What is softwareupdated on Mac? This post gives you the answer and solutions to softwareupdated high CPU or memory consumption.

content caching on Mac

Content Caching on Mac: What Is It & How Does It Work

With content caching enabled on Mac, you can save bandwidth and upgrade your Apple devices with faster speed.

what is True Tone and how to enable it on Mac

True Tone: Make Images on Display Appear More Natural

This article explains Apple’s display technology True Tone, including what is it, how does it work, and how to enable it on Mac.

Core Storage Logical Volume on Mac

What is Core Storage & Fix Damaged Core Storage User

This article explains what Core Storage is, what 'damaged Core Storage User' mean, and ways to fix it.

password manager on Mac

Password Manager Comprehensively Explained: What Is It?

You can have a wide variety of passwords on your Mac to sign in to various accounts. This article offers you the optimum password manager for you to remember all the passwords of your accounts.

Quick Note on Mac

Quick Note: Fast Save Anything on Mac

Quick Note is a new feature introduced in macOS Monterey to help users create a new note quickly and easily.

system data on Mac

What Is System Data on Mac And How to Clear It (Monterey&Ventura)

This post explains what the System Data on Mac is and how to clear it on Monterey and Ventura when your Mac is low on storage. It provides multiple methods to delete unnecessary files to free up space

what is BitLocker virus

BitLocker Virus: A New Type of Crypto Ransomware

Read on to know what is BitLocker virus and how this scheme works in general, plus effective tips on how to access BitLocker virus-infected drives.

What is Night Shift on Mac

Night Shift on Mac: Protect You from Blueish Light

This article covers everything you need to know about the Night Shift on Mac, including what is it, how it works, and how to enable it on your Mac computer.

macos wired memory

macOS Wired Memory: What Is It & How to Clear It on Mac

An introduction to wired memory on Mac. It tells what the macOS wired memory is, and whether it needs to worry about high macOS wired memory, plus how to clear wired memory on Mac.

MAC address filtering

A Comprehensive Guide on Mac Address Filtering

Mac address is a unique string of numbers that stands for different devices. This article tells you the definition of it, how to find it and how to use it on your Mac to conduct more operations.

What is Preference Pane on Mac

Preference Pane: An Extension of App Functionality

This article explains what is Preference Pane on a Mac computer. Also, tells you how to remove third-party Preference Panes from your Mac.

What is an iOS emulator for Mac

iOS Emulator for Mac Explained: What Is It & How It Works

This article tells things you should know about the iOS emulator for Mac, including what is it, how it works, and what can you do with it.

How to Use Apple Notes on Mac

How to Use Apple Notes on Mac Air/MacBook Pro?

Apple Notes is a wonderful built-in tool that enables you to write down certain things. This article offers you a full guideline on how to use Apple notes on Mac.

iCloud Shared Photo Library

iCloud Shared Photo Library: How to Use It to Share Photos

About the feature iCloud Shared Photo Library in Photos on macOS Ventura and iOS 16. And how to create a Shared Photo Library to share photos.

What is Thunderbolt Bridge on Mac

What & How to Activate or Remove Thunderbolt Bridge on Mac?

Learn what Thunderbolt Bridge on Mac is, and how to activate or remove Thunderbolt Bridge on Mac,. You can also learn how to fix Thunderbolt Bridge not connected on Mac.

application memory on mac

What Is Mac Application Memory & How to Free Up It?

This post explains what is Mac application memory, how it works, how to check app memory on Mac, and how to free up app memory when your Mac is low on memory.

What is U disk

What is U Disk & U Disk vs. Pen Drive?

Learn what U disk is, the differences of U disk vs pen drive, why your USB flash drive mounts as a U disk, and how to use a U disk on Mac.

mac root directory

What Is Mac Root Directory/Folder & How to Get to It?

From this post, you will know what the Mac root directory/folder is, and how to get to it in different ways, including changing Finder Preferences, using Go to Finder, the keys shortcut, and Terminal.

Android Emulator for Mac

Android Emulator for Mac: What is it and How to Use it?

Android Emulator for Mac allows you to run Android apps on your Mac, which is really powerful and easy to use. This article guides you to know it comprehensively and introduces you some Emulators.

how to check storage on Mac

Mac Storage: Check Space Usage and Available Storage

Read this post to know what's taking up your Mac storage and how to check used and available storage on Mac.

What is 7z files and how to open it on Mac

What Is a .7z File & How to Open It on Mac

This article explains what is a .7z file to you, and lists several reasons why you should use it. Also, the way to open 7z files on Mac is covered.

What are iOS Files on Mac

What are iOS Files on Mac & Do You Need Them?

Everything about iOS files on Mac, including what are iOS files on Mac, are they on Mac important, how do you access them, etc.

apple family sharing

Apple Family Sharing: What Is It & How to Set It Up to Share Content

This post explains Apple Family Sharing, tells how to set up Apple Family Sharing, what can be shared among members of a family group, and other essentials you should know to use Apple Family Sharing.

Microsoft Office for Mac

Microsoft Office for Mac: How to Choose an Optimal One?

Microsoft Office develops various office applications, almost dominating the office application market, This article teaches you how to choose an optimal Microsoft office for Mac.

macOS Ventura Reminders

Use Reminders in macOS Ventura to Enhance Productivity

The upgraded Reminders in macOS Ventura comes with new features to improve your productivity. Read on to explore the changes.

File Sharing on Mac

What is File Sharing on Mac & How to Enable & Set Up It?

An overview of the File Sharing feature on Mac and show you how to enable and set up File Sharing on Mac. Share a folder or large file on Mac.

what is Apple Passkeys and how it works

Apple Passkeys: What Is It & How It Works on Your Mac

This article explains Apple Passkeys on macOS Ventura, including what is it, how it works, and what Mac models support this security feature.

Fix error code 1309 on Mac

What is Error Code 1309 & How to Fix Error Code 1309 on Mac?

Experiencing error code 1309 on Mac when copying large files to external USB or hard drive? Learn what error code 1309 is and how to fix it.

quick look mac

How to Use Quick Look on Mac

This post is an explanation of Quick Look on Mac. You will learn how to use the effective and time-saving tool Quick Look to preview and edit files on Mac.

Unified memory on Mac

Unified Memory: All Things That You Should Know

Unified memory comes with the release of the M1 chip, which enables higher performance on Mac with an Apple silicon chip. This post guides you to know unified memory from overview point.

screen share on Mac

How to Setup and Share Screen on Mac [2022 Updated]

Learn what is screen sharing on Mac and how to make use of it in three feasible ways.

Everything you need to know about Lockdown Mode Mac

Lockdown Mode Mac: Everything You Need to Know in 2022

This article covers everything you need to know about Lockdown Mode Mac, including what is it, how does it work, and how to enable it on Mac.

Tmp folder on Mac

Where is Tmp/Temp Folder on Mac & How to Access and Delete it?

Wonder where the tmp or temp folder is on Mac? This post offers the answer and what tmp folder is, how to access and delete the tmp files on Mac.

mac public folder

An Explaination to Mac Public Folder Used for Sharing Files

This post explains what is the Public folder on Mac, how to access it, how to use the Public folder to make an item available to all users of your Mac, and how to add/delete an item to/from it.

Safari password manager

A Full Guide to Safari Password Manager on Mac

Safari password manager is a special feature introduced by Apple, which is able to manage your password stored on the Safari browser. This post will guide you to learn how to use it on Safari.

mac spinning wheel

Mac Spinning Wheel: Why Does It Show Up?

A complete explanation of the Mac spinning cursor, including what it is, its history, how it occurs, and how to stop the spinning cursor on Mac.

Rufus for Mac

Rufus for Mac: Is It Exist & Best Rufus Alternatives for Mac

This post explains what Rufus for Mac is and offers the best Rufus alternatives for Mac. Also, tell you how to create a bootable USB for Mac.

The error code 8076 pop up on Mac

7 Ways to Fix Unexpected Error Code 8076 on Mac (2023)

Encountering error 8076 on Mac? Here, we explain what error code 8076 is, when and why it happens, and 7 ways to fix it.

users folder on mac

Users Folder on Mac Explained: What Is It & How to Find It?

This post is going to explain the Users folder on Mac, a folder that comes with your Mac. After reading, you will know what the Users folder is, what it contains, how to find it, etc.

sticky notes for Mac

Sticky Notes for Mac: Use it as a Reminder on Your Device

Have you still stuck a sticky note on your desk or Mac monitor to remind yourself? There is no need anymore, this article introduces the sticky notes app for you, which always can remind you.

set up apple account recovery contact

Setup Account Recovery Contact to Access Apple ID

A comprehensive guide to setting up Apple account recovery contact on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

everything you should know about Apple M1 Ultra chip

Apple M1 Ultra: Most Powerful Chip for a Personal Computer

This article covers everything you need to know about the Apple M1 Ultra chip, including its release date, performance, and other detailed information.

Sudo Mac Terminal

What Is Sudo in Mac Terminal & How to Run Sudo on Mac

An overview of sudo in Mac Terminal and how to run as root in Mac Terminal with sudo command.

Mac recovery key

Mac Recovery Key: Everything You Need to Know

Mac recovery key adds an extra layer of security to your Apple ID account. Check this post to know how to set it up and how to use it to reset your Apple ID password.

Screen Time on Mac

Overview of Screen Time on Mac: What is it and How to Use it?

Screen Time is a wonderful feature that is designed for Mac, which is versatile and easy to use. This post guides you to experience this feature comprehensively, and you can learn how to use it on Mac

everything you should about Core Sync on Mac

What Is Core Sync on Mac: Mac Core Sync explained in 2022

This article explains what is Core Sync on Mac and other things you should know about it. Help you learn this background program on Mac.

MacBook Touch ID

MacBook Touch ID: How to Enable It & What You Can Do With It

Introduction of MacBook Touch ID, including what the Touch ID does on Mac, which Macs have Touch ID, and how to enable Touch ID on MacBook Pro/Air.

everything you need to know about refurbished Mac

Refurbished Mac Explained: Everything You Should Know in 2022

This article tells you about refurbished Mac, including what is the refurbished Mac, its downsides, and why should you buy a refurbished Mac.

swap memory mac

How Much Swap Memory Is Mac Using

This post explains what is swap memory on Mac, the concepts of swap file, swap space, etc., and how to check the swap used memory on your Mac computer.

Cloud encryption software

Cloud Encryption Software: Encrypt Data Before Uploading to Cloud

This article talks about cloud data encryption solutions and how to encrypt files and folders before uploading to the cloud with best cloud encryption software for Google Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, Drop

how to encrypt google drive

What You Should Know about Google Drive Encryption

Learn everything about Google Drive encryption, including how to encrypt your Google Drive free without Google Drive application and how Google Drive encryption works.

how to use markup tool on mac

How to Use the Markup Tool for Mac?

The Markup Tool for Mac lets users add basic annotations to PDF documents and images with multiple features to choose from.

Coreduetd on Mac

What Is Coreduetd on Mac & Fix Coreduetd High CPU

An overview of Coreduetd on Mac. Explains what the Coreduetd is on Mac and how to stop Coreduetd if it takes up a high CPU on Mac/M1 Mac.

Intel Power Gadget on Mac

Intel Power Gadget: a Helper in Monitoring CPU on Mac

Intel Power Gadget is a wonderful tool providing stats of CPU on Mac and Windows, this article guides you to know this helper wth comprehensive perspective.

Emoji on Mac

Emoji on Mac: How to Use with Magic KeyBoard/Touch Bar

Emoji is a pictogram that can express ideas and emotions. Find quick ways to use emojis on Mac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air.

AirPort Time Capsule

A Comprehensive Guide for Applying AirPort Time Capsule

AirPort Time Capsule is a splendid product developed by Apple Inc, which supports Wi-Fi for computers and network backup for Time Machine. This article leads you to know this product in details.

Hover Text on Mac

Hover Text: What is it and How to Use it on Mac?

If you're a poor-sight person, it's annoying when you read the material or references on Mac. This tutorial will introduce you to a tool to help you read the dense letters on Mac, that is, Hover Text.

Spindump on Mac

What is Spindump on Mac & How to Create/Disable It?

What is spindump on Mac? This post gives you the details and expalins how to create a spindump file for debugging, and ways to disable spindump to stop it using high CPU.

what are Mac error codes

Mac Error Codes: What are They & Fixes [Updated in 2022]

Want to learn what are Mac error codes? This article lists some common Apple error codes you may encounter when using Mac, along with their fixes.

Mac Parental Controls

How to Set Up/Turn Off Parental Controls on Mac

After reading this post, you will know what parental controls on Mac are, anhow to set up parental controls on macOS Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur, and Monterey to make your Mac kid-safe.

eGPU on Mac

eGPU on Mac: What is it and What Mac Models Can Use it?

eGPU for Mac is a graphics prosessor, which can give you additional performance on your Mac. This article will introduce it in detail for you and supported Mac models can apply it are also involved.

Apple Metal

Apple Metal Overview: What It Is Used for?

An overview about Apple Metal, including what is Apple Metal used for, which Mac has Metal, and Apple Metal vs. Vulkan.

Mac System Prolifer

Guideline to Know Your Mac: Mac System Profiler

You are familiar with system information, but you may have never heard of Mac System Profiler. This article will expound Mac System Profiler for you, and you can learn how to obtain information of Mac

everything you need to know about Live Text Mac

Live Text Mac: Easily Edit and Extract Text on Images

This article tells everything you need to know about Live Text Mac, including what is it, what you can do with it, and how to use this feature on your Mac.

Mission Control on Mac

What is Mission Control and How to Use it on Mac?

Mission Control is a feature of Mac's operating system. This article will introduce this feature for you in detail, moreover, you can learn how to use it on Mac to improve your experience on Mac.

cfprefsd on Mac

What is cfprefsd & How to Fix cfprefsd High CPU Usage?

cfprefsd using high CPU or memory usage? Here are the solutions to fix cfprefsd high CPU and a clear explanation of what cfprefsd on Mac is.

Mac Trackpad settings

How to Change Trackpad Settings on MacBook Air/Pro/iMac

This post elaborates on how to change Trackpad settings in System Preferences. You can customize the Trackpad to meet your needs such as how to right-click on Mac, how to zoom in and zoom out, etc.

macOS networkquality

macOS NetworkQuality: a Command to Test Your Network Quality

macOS networkQuality is a useful command used to test your internet connection. This guide leads you to know this wonderful feature comprehensively. The instructions to run it is also included.

Visual Look Up on Mac

What is Visual Look Up & How to Use it on Mac?

Visual Look Up is one of the features accompanying the macOS 12 update. This post guides you to know Visual Look Up and ways to use it or to fix it not working.


Dropbox Encryption: Everything You Need to Know

Learning everything about Dropbox encryption, including how secure is Dropbox encryption and how to encrypt Dropbox files/folders.

everything you need to know about Hackintosh

Hackintosh: Everything You Need to Know [Updated in 2022]

This article explains everything you need to know about Hackintosh. How Hackintosh works, its pros and cons, and how to make it are covered too.

Mac Hosts file

[Stepwise]Where Is & How to Edit Hosts File on Mac?

This post explains what the Hosts file is on Mac, where the Hosts file is on Mac, and provides a step-by-step guide on how to edit the Hosts file on Mac.

Onedrive encryption

Things You Should Know about OneDrive Encryption

Worry about OneDrive data security? This article will show you how does OneDrive encrypt your files/folders in personal vault plus its risks, and how to better encrypt your files with OneDrive data en

Apple Digital Legacy

What is Apple Digital Legacy and How to Set Up a Legacy Contact

Apple's Digital Legacy program allows you to access the Apple ID account of a decedent. You can also set up a legacy contact to pass down your data after you die.

Mac Catalyst

Mac Catalyst: Create a Mac Version of Your iOS App

This article is an overview of Mac Catalyst. It introduces what is Mac Catalyst, what to consider before using it, and what benefits you can get from it.

system extensions blocked Mac

System Extension Blocked Mac, What Is It & How to Fix?

This article tells what is system extension, and help you fix system extension blocked Mac issue, including NTFS for Mac system extension blocked Mac problem.

Overview of Mac firewall

Mac Firewall: What It Is & Should Mac Firewall on Or off

Overview of firewall on Mac, including what is Mac firewall, should you turn the Mac firewall on or off, and how to turn on or off firewall on Mac.

AppleInternal folder on Mac

What is the AppleInternal Folder on Mac & How to Delete it?

What is AppleInternal Folder on Mac? This post answers your question and tells you how to delete AppleInternal Folder from Mac.

macOS Services menu

MacOS Services Menu Introduction: What It Is & How to Use It

This post is an introduction to the Services Menu on macOS/ Mac OS X, including what the Services Menu is, how to use Services Menu, and how to cutomize Services Menu on Mac.

The Cloudd process on Mac

What is Cloudd & Fix Cloudd Using High CPU/Quit Unexpectedly

Getting to know the Cloudd process on Mac, how to fix Cloudd using high CPU, and what to do when constantly receiving 'Cloud wants to use the login keychain.' and 'Cloudd quit unexpectedly.'

power mode on Mac

Power Mode on Mac: A Detailed Overview in 2022

This article provides an introduction to three power modes on Mac. How to enable high power mode and low power mode on Mac are covered.

iCloud for Windows

How to Download iCloud for Windows, Get Your Answer Here!

An overview of iCloud for Windows, including what you can do with iCloud for Windows, how to download iCloud for Windows 10, and how to use iCloud app for Windows.

Command R key combination on Mac

Command R on Mac: helps Reinstall macOS in Recovery Mode

An overview of Mac Command R, including what it does on Mac, how it boots your Mac in Recovery Mode, etc.

what is WindowServer on Mac

What Is WindowServer on Mac & All You Should Learn about It

This post illustrates what is WindowsServer on Mac in Activity Monitor and why WindowsServer takes a high CPU on Mac and what you should do.

High Power Mode on MacBook Pro with M1 Max

High Power Mode on 16-inch MacBook Pro: Do You Need it?

The exclusive High Power Mode on the new 16-inch MacBook Pro released in 2021 maximizes the performance for super intensive and sustained workload by allowing the fans to run at a higher speed.

The private var folder on Mac

How to Access and Safely Clean private/var Folder on Mac?

How to access /private/var folder on Mac? Here, we explain what is the /private/var folder, how to access it, and how to delete files when they are abnormally large.

USB ports

USB Port Overview: Differences between USB-A, USB-B & USB-C

About USB ports, including their types, uses, etc. Help tell the differences between USB-A, USB-B, and USB-C and find a suitable USB port for you.

all you should know about flexgate issue with MacBook Pro display

An Overview of Flexgate Issue with MacBook Pro Display

Flexgate refers to the MacBook Pro display backlight issue. This article explains the causes and some common symptoms of it. Ways to fix the flexgate issue are covered too.

script editor Mac

[Explained]How to Use Script Editor on Mac

This is an explanation of Script Editor, a macOS built-in utility. After reading, you will know what the Script Editor is on Mac and how to create a script on Mac.

what is testflight

What Is Testflight & How to Use It? [2022]

TestFlight, a developer tool owned by Apple, allows developers to upload beta applications and make them available so that test users can download and install it on their devices.

iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay Review: What Is It And How It Differs From VPN

An overview of iCloud Private Relay, including what is iCloud Private Relay, iCloud Private Relay vs VPN and how to turn on/ turn off iCloud Private Relay on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

iCloud encryption

iCloud Encryption and Security: Everything You Need to Know

This post shows you everything about iCloud data security, and how to protect your iCloud files and folders with iCloud data encryption software.

best free encryption software

Top 3 Free Cloud Encryption Software

This post reviews and compares the three best free cloud encryption software to help you encrypt files before uploading them to cloud storage.

AppData for Mac

What is the AppData Folder for Mac: Minecraft & Roaming

Find out how to access the AppData for Mac to find the Roaming or Minecraft folder on Mac, and what kind of data is stored in the AppData folder on Mac.


Everything about SATA SSD: What Is It & The Speed of It

An overview of SATA SSD, including SATA SSD introduction, speed, M.2 SSD vs SATA SSD, NVMe SSD vs. SATA SSD.

Apple USB SuperDrive

Apple USB SuperDrive: What It is & How to Use it

Apple USB SuperDrive lets you burn and play a CD/DVD, back up files, and install software on a Mac. Find more information about Apple SuperDrive and how to connect a SuperDrive to a newer Mac.

Mac shortcuts app

How to Use Shortcuts on macOS Monterey

An introduction to the newly added Shortcuts app on Monterey. After reading, you will know what Shortcuts is, how to add shortcuts, create shortcuts, and run shortcuts with apps, from Finder, etc.

what is Apple Universal Control

What Is Apple Universal Control & How to Use Universal Control on Mac and iPad?

An overview of Apple Universal Control including what is Apple Universal Control, how to enable Universal Control, and how to use Universal Control.

RAW file system

What Is a DMG File and How to Open It on Mac?

An overview of the DMG file, including what a DMG file is, what a DMG file is used for, and how to open a DMG file on Mac and Windows.

activation lock

How to Remove Activation Lock on Mac

This post explains Activation Lock on your Mac/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Apple Watch. After reading, you can know whether you should enable Activation Lock on your devices and how to remove it.

Wireless Diagnostics on Mac

How to Run Wireless Diagnostics on Mac to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi problems?

An overview of Mac Wireless Diagnostics, including how to open Wireless Diagnostics on Mac to fix Wi-Fi issues as well as how to quit Wireless Diagnostics on Mac.

Hot Corners Mac

How to Use Hot Corners on Mac(New for macOS 12)

This post elaborates on what Hot Corners are on Mac. After reading, you will know how to set up Hot Corners on Mac to boost your productivity.

System Library CoreServices on Mac

/System/Library/CoreServices: Menu Extras & Applications

This article shows you where the CoreServices folder is on Mac, and explains the three subfolders: Menu Extra, Applications, RemoteManagement inside the /System/Library/CoreServices Folder.

can Mac read FAT32

[Answered]Can Mac read FAT32 USB Drive?

Mac can read and write to Windows FAT32 USB drives and partitions. Your Mac can also read the HFS, HFS+, NTFS, exFAT and EXT2 file systems.

What is callservicesd on Mac

What is Callservicesd & How to Fix Callservicesd Memory Leak

What is callservicesd on Mac? This article will answer your question and tell you the solutions to callservicesd memory leak, high CPU usage, and callservicesd wants to use the login keychain.

Black screen of death

Black Screen of Death: What is It and How to Fix?

This post explains what is black screen of death/BSOD on Windows 10/8/7 or Mac and how to fix PCs/laptops/desktops black screen error.

what is raid

What is RAID? [RAID Levels Explained]

RAID combines multiple disks into one logical unit to boost speed or data security or both based on RAID levels such as RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5 and RAID 10.

what is Rosetta 2 on M1 Mac

Rosetta 2 Introduction: What Is Rosetta 2 And How to Install It on M1 Mac

An overview of Rosetta 2 on Mac, including what is Rosetta 2, how to perform Rosetta 2 download as well as how to install Rosetta 2 on M1 Mac.

the touristd AGMService and RTProtectionDeamon on Mac

What are RTProtectionDaemon, AGMService &

In this post, you will learn what, AGMService & RTProtectionDaemon on Mac are and ways to fix AGMService and RTProtectionDaemon eating up your Mac's CPU.

Macintosh Portable

Macintosh Portable: Look Back on Apple's First Portable Macintosh

Apple released the Macintosh Portable as the first Apple laptop in 1989. Read to know a brief introduction to this Apple Portable Macintosh computer and why it failed.

start M1 Mac in Fallback Recovery Mod

Fallback Recovery OS - A Hidden Boot Trick on M1 Macs

Introduce a hidden boot mode on M1 Macs - Fallback Recovery OS. Find out how to boot in it and whether it is available on your M1 Mac.

Start Mac into Internet Recovery Mode

Internet Recovery Mode on Intel and M1 Mac Explained

Tell you how to enter Internet Recovery Mode when you can't boot into Recovery Mode on Intel or M1 Mac. Plus what to do if Internet Recovery is unavailable.

Mac Kernel Panic error

Kernel Panic on Mac: Fix Mac Restarted Unexpectedly

Mac keeps restarting or restarted unespectedly? Tell you what kernel panic is and how to stop it on Mac.

what are junk files

What Are Junk Files & How to Delete Them Safely?

This post tells you what are junk files, is it safe to delete junk files, and how to find and delete junk files from your computer.

The AppSSOAgent and soagent processes in Activity Monitor

What is AppSSOAgent & soagent Process in Activity Monitor?

What is AppSSOAgent in Activity Monitor? Explain AppSSOAgent, macOS soagent az pup & the soagent process on Mac, and the solutions to resolve the soagent high CPU usage issue on Mac.

How to open msg file on Mac

[Multiple Ways]How to Open An MSG File on Mac?

This post explains what is an MSG file, whether you can open an MSG file on Mac by default, and how to open an MSG file on Mac in different ways.

What is Use Stacks on Mac

What Is Use Stacks on Mac & How to Use Desktop Stacks on Mac?

An overview of what is Use Stacks on Mac, including how to turn on and turn off Mac desktop Stacks as well as how to view files in MacBook Stacks.

Apple Ecosystem

Apple Ecosystem Explained in 2022: What Is It?

A brief introduction about Apple Ecosystem, including what is Apple Ecosystem and how it works on Apple devices.


How does a computer boot for work?

The basic theory of how a computer starts and works, and the booting structure of a computer.


M.2 SSD Overview: What is M.2 SSD & M.2 SSD VS SSD

About what is M.2 SSD, M.2 SSD vs SSD, M.2 SSD sizes, and M.2 SSD speed. Also, tell you that is M.2 SSD better for gaming?

root user mac

[Howto]Enable the Root User And Log In As the Root User on Mac

This post explains what is root user on Mac. Plus how to enable it and log in as the root user on Mac when it is required to perform some tasks.

Apples third malware defence MRT

What is MRT on Mac: MRT Process High CPU Usage

What is MRT on Mac? It explains the Malware Removal Tool and its files such as and MRT osx ref.9eae4e3av. Learn how to fix MRT process high CPU usage on Mac.

network drive

Explaining Network Drives and Mapped Drives

Network drives provide improved efficiency for file sharing by creating a shared folder for all computers on the same network.

what is XProtect on Mac

(2022) Apple's Built-in Antivirus: How to Run XProtect on Mac?

Learn what XProtect is and how it protects your Mac from malware infection. It also describes how to enable and disable XProtect on Mac, and access XProtect on Mac.

Focus mode in macOS Monterey

How to Use Focus Mode on macOS 12 Monterey?

An overview of Focus mode in macOS Monterey, including what is Apple Focus mode, how to use Focus mode in macOS 12 and how to turn off Focus mode on Mac.

how to use Handoff on Mac

How to Use Handoff on Mac to Pick Up Where You Left Off 2022

What is Handoff on MacBook? Read to know Handoff requirements, steps to turn on/off Handoff, how to use Handoff on Mac and iPhone, and copy over devices.

Automator Mac

Automator: Mac's Tool For Boosting Productivity

This post introduces what the Automator is on Mac and how to use it. After reading, you can create workflows with Automator to perform some repetitive tasks on your Mac.

Macintosh computer

Macintosh Computer: What Is It?

Read to know the overview of the first Macintosh computer, including what is a Macintosh computer and the history of the Apple Macintosh.

free screen recorder for Mac

5 Best and Free Screen Recorders for Mac

We conclude 5 best and free screen recorders for Mac. You can use these good free screen recorders for Mac to record your screen as well as edit your screen recordings.

what is Migration Assistant on Mac

Migration Assistant - Transfer Your Data from Mac to Mac

Read this article to know the functions of Migration Assistant. You can know how to transfer data from a Mac to another by using Migration Assistant.

Apple menu on Mac

Apple Menu on Mac: Where Is It & What Is It Used for?

A complete introduction of the Apple menu on Mac. Tell you where the Apple menu on MacBook Pro/ Air is and what it is used for.

keychain access

What Is Keychain Access on Your Mac & How to Use It?

This post tells you what the Keychain Access on Mac is, what it is used for, and how to view and change passwords in Keychain Access.

bash profile on Mac

Bash Profile Mac: What Is it and How it Differs from Bashrc?

It tells what is Bash and What is bash profile Mac. How to create bash_profile in Mac, edit bash_profile, and delete bash profile on Mac are also covered.

what is RAM 

What is RAM & How to Check RAM Usage on Mac?

It tells what is RAM and what does RAM do. How to check RAM usage on Mac and how much RAM you will need are also mentioned.

boot into Mac Verbose Mode

What Is Verbose Mode and How to Boot Your Mac in Verbose Mode?

It tells what is Verbose Mode Mac as well as how to enable and disable Mac Verbose Mode. Common FAQs are covered additionally.

Apple Diagnostics on Mac

Apple Diagnostics: The Hidden Trick to Check Your Mac

Apple Diagnostics: Read to know what Apple Diagnostics on Mac is and how to run Apple hardware diagnostics on your Mac.

open Mac Task Manager

Mac Task Manager: What Is it & How to Use the Task Manager on Mac?

Mac Task Manager: What is Task Manager for Mac, how to open Task Manager on Mac and read to know about Mac Task Manager shortcut.

disk driver

A Complete Guide to Disk Drive

This is a complete guide to the disk drive. After reading, you will learn what a disk drive is, its main types, reliable brands, and common disk drive failures.

Delta Combo Updates

Delta Update and Combo Update: Different macOS Updates

This guide will explain two different macOS updates, namely delta update and combo update.

get file path on Mac

Proven Methods to Get A File Path on MacBook Air/Pro/iMac

This post introduces 5 methods to find the path of a file on your Mac. After reading, you can get a file path on Mac with Get Info, Finder, Spotlight, Terminal, and Automater.

major updates of macOS Monterey

macOS Monterey: Release Date, Compatibility List and Features

macOS Monterey was officially released on October 25, 2021. Here, we explain details of its release data, compatible Macs and major features.

Mac Dock

[Explained] How to Use the Dock on Mac

An explaination of Mac Dock, including its location on your Mac, the elements it contains, and all the operations you can perform with the Dock.

Mac Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop on Mac: What Is It and How to Use It?

This is a guide for beginners. It tells you what is Remote Desktop on Mac, and how to manage a remote Mac with Remote Desktop.

Mac menu bar

A Simple Introduction to Mac Menu Bar

This post will tell you what is Mac Menu Bar, how to hide and customize Mac Menu Bar. Plus how to fix Mac Menu Bar disappears issue.

what are relocated items on Mac

Relocated Items on Mac: What is master.passwd.system_default

Seeing a Relocated Items folder on Mac's desktop after updating to macOS Monterey/Big Sur? Know what relocated items are, what the master.passwd.system_default' is, whether and how to delete them.

Guide to Gatekeeper on Mac

What is Gatekeeper & How to Disable Gatekeeper on Monterey?

Fails to Meet Gatekeeper Policy? This guide tells you what Mac Gatekeeper is and how to enable/bypass/disable Gatekeeper on macOS Monterey.

virtual memory

Virtual Memory: What Is It & Why Is It Necessary?

This post explains what is virtual memory. After reading, you will know how virtual memory works on Mac/Windows PC and the pros and cons of virtual memory.

Memory vs Storage

Memory vs Storage: Difference and How Much You Need for a Mac

This article explains the difference between memory and storage on a Mac and how much of them you need.

force shutdown Mac

[2022] Does Mac Force Shutdown Damage Hardware?

If your Mac is completely frozen, this post tells you how to force shut down Mac with keyboard combos and whether it hurts the hardware.

what is firmware

What is Firmware: Revive Firmware to Fix an Unresponsive Mac

Firmware gives low-level instructions to a device so that it can perform basic tasks. Without it, even the simplest device can’t function.

Apple ID

A Beginner's Guide to Apple ID

This post walks through every aspect of Apple ID, including how to create Apple, how to protect Apple ID, how to change Apple ID password, etc.

SIP on Mac

What Is SIP on Mac & How to Enable/Disable SIP on Mac?

This guide contains what is SIP on Mac, how to disable or enable SIP on Mac or M1 Mac, and whether you need to disable System Integrity Protection.

snipping tool for Mac

Top 5 Best and Free Snipping Tools for Mac in 2022

We conclude top 5 snipping tools for Mac. To learn how to snip on Mac, you can free download these best Mac snipping tools and use them easily.

macOS Base System in Recovery mode

What is macOS Base System?

macOS Base System is the recovery partition that allows you to boot into Recovery mode, run low-level utilities, reinstall macOS, and restore your Mac.

RAW file system

What is RAW File System & How to Fix It Without Data Loss

An overview of the RAW file system, including its definition, causes, and symptoms on Windows. Also, fix RAW file system issues without data loss.