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A Beginner's Guide To Apple Vision Pro

Updated on Friday, June 28, 2024

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Summary: This post from iBoysoft guides you to know Apple Vision Pro from a comprehensive perspective. If you're curious about it, why not click in for more info and details?

Apple Vision Pro


Following its traditions, Apple has spared no effort to ship more advanced and amazing products to its users and fans all the time. In WWDC 2023, Apple released its first wearable headset lineup -- Apple Vision Pro with sorts of new fabulous features and functions. 

Today, we walk through a basic and comprehensive instruction on Apple Vision Pro so that beginners can get to know this wonderful device in every regard. Do not wait, follow us to explore this stunning tool right now!

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro basics

Apple Vision Pro is Apple's augmented and virtual reality headset device, which has been in development for over a decade. Apple Vision Pro is the company's first move into a significant new lineup category since the 2015 Apple Watch, and it comes to the public on February 2, 2024.

Although Apple Vision Pro is a headset device, Apple never uses that word to define it. However, Apple names it a spatial computer for its ability to blend digital content with the physical world, and it regards the Vision Pro as the first spatial computing device.

Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset that shows augmented reality content layered on the actual environment as well as immersive virtual information, but note that the headset is not see-through. Everything you see is digital. Apple employs cameras to map out what's in front of you, transforming it into a digital image supplemented by virtual objects.

You can overview its highlights here:

  • 4K micro OLED displays with 23 million pixels combined
  • Eye and gesture tracking for navigation and control
  • More than a dozen cameras
  • 3D photo and video capture
  • Built-in spatial audio
  • Optic ID iris scanning
  • visions operating system
  • External battery w/ 2hr battery life

Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro is configured with two Apple Silicon chips, one is the M2 chip same as the one built into MacBook Air M2 and another one is the new R1 chip.

The M2 chip runs visionOS, executes computer vision algorithms, and provides graphics. While the new R1 chip processes input from cameras, sensors, and microphones.

Like the OS working on Macs, iPads, iPhones, watchOS, and tvOS, Apple Vision Pro also gets its own operating system. The visionOS operating system runs on Apple Vision Pro and has an App Store with apps designed to run on this device, but it can also run some iPhone and iPad apps.

The Home View holds all of your preferred Apple apps including Mail, Messages, Music, Safari, Photos, etc. with the data you sync through iCloud under the same Apple ID. Its interface is quite like the iPhone's, we bet you won't get confused when you use it. Plus, you can open the apps and arrange them virtually based on your preferences.

Apple Vision Pro

Furthermore, you can even connect the Apple Vision Pro to your Mac computer by using it as an external display. It works with Bluetooth accessories for text input and control, or you can use virtual typing or dictation for text.

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How to buy an Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Vision Pro is available in the United States retail stores and online stores. Its price starts at $3500 for 256GB of storage space, and you can upgrade its storage space by paying for 512GB and 1TB of storage based on your requirements.

Face ID scan is required to help the customer determine the correct Light Seal and headband fit during the ordering process.

About the battery life of Apple Vision Pro

The Vision Pro has a two-and-a-half-hour battery life when using an external power pack; 2.5 hours is the recommended duration for watching 2D content. According to Apple, the Vision Pro has a two-hour battery life for everyday use. Though there is a single battery pack included in the gadget, they may be changed out for more power on the move. The Vision Pro has a full day's battery life when plugged into a power adapter.

Final words

This post gives a basic introduction to Apple Vision Pro, including its release date, highlights, prices, battery life, and so on. If you feel more curious about it after reading this post, you can purchase one from both its retail store or online store to have an authentic experience!