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iBoysoft values every customer and always works hard to provide customers with satisfied software and services, so iBoysoft provides every software a free/trial version so that customers can 'test-drive' before purchasing and avoid buying the wrong software.


1. Technician license is not with this refund policy since there are many people in your company or organization using this software which allows to provide technical service to clients with unlimited usage.

2. Orders placed from resellers, partners or any other unauthorized channels are not with this refund policy.

3. Orders placed on Mac App Store are not with this refund policy as all the refund requests of the purchases from Mac App Store are processed by Apple according to Apple refund policy.

Full refund circumstances:

iBoysoft offers full refund for the following circumstances within 14 days since the order placed in ecommerce platform:

1. A customer purchased a wrong software and then purchased the correct software from iBoysoft.

2. During 14-day, a customer purchased the same software twice or purchased two software with similar functions from our company. In this case, iBoysoft will refund one of the software for you.

3. A customer has been double charged due to our ecommerce payment platform.

4. The customer does not receive the license key within 24 hours of purchase and has not received a timely response (within 24 hours) from our support team after making contact, except for entering the wrong email address when purchasing.

5. The purchased software has a bug, and no solution has been provided within 14 days after our support team provides email support and remote assistance. In this case, iBoysoft will refund the purchase price if the customer doesn't want to wait for a future upgrade.

Partial refund circumstances

iBoysoft will provide a partial refund as below if the purchased software doesn't have the techical problem.

1. The customer's storage device has a hardware issue (Including drive not stable or readable) so that the purchased software cannot work normally (For example, the recovered files are zero bytes; the drive is ejected on its own sporadically when recovering data; the storage device has no capacity in Disk Management or Disk Utility), iBoysoft will provide 50% refund.

2. Customer's special environment (Before using iBoysoft Data Recovery, data has been lost forever, data cannot be recovered due to file system properties, lost data has been corrupted. Lost data has been overwritten by new data, for example: reinstall operating system.) causes customer dissatisfaction with the purchased software, iBoysoft will provide 50% refund.

* Shareit ecommerce platform doesn't accept 50% refund as the platform doesn't support it.

No refund circumstances:

1. The order has exceeded 14 days.

2. The purchased software doesn't perform tasks it is neither intended to perform nor advertises it performs. Please understand the product page has described the product's functions and specification.

3. A refund for a technical issue but never provide the details or refuse to cooperate with iBoysoft technical support team.

How should I request a refund?

Please provide the detailed problem (Including software screenshots) which proves the software didn't work for you.

What should I do when refund request is accepted?

Once the refund request is accepted or issued, the license key will be banned at once, please uninstall the software and remove it from your computer immediately.