Our Mission

iBoysoft is devoted to developing and optimizing the powerfulness and simplicity of the software and utilities to make users' life easier and more fun.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction: We are customer-oriented and aim to enhance user experience and success. We cherish our loyal customers and appreciate feedback.

Software Quality: We pour resources into exploring and maintaining software features to meet the industry standards. Our usability, security and stability can earn trust from users.

Inspiration: We value inspirational spirits at iBoysoft. Perspectives from employees and customers always spark off a major software improvement and creation.

Our Customers live Around the World

iBoysoft has served millions of happy customers in educational institutes, non-profit organizations, governments, privately-owned businesses, etc. in 150+ countries across from Europe to Americas.

We develop Them to help you

iBoysoft NTFS for Mac

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iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac

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iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows

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iBoysoft DiskGeeker

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People at iBoysoft Say

Tim Luo (Founder)

"The initial idea of rolling out iBoysoft was to help users with data loss problems. With more talented software engineers joining in, iBoysoft is able to provide a broader variety of tools and utilities in disk management and file protection."

Connie Yang (Primary Editor)

"Every single post at iBoysoft has cost days, weeks even months of research and wording. I work with a very creative and collaborative editor team and we are dedicated to gathering and testing all practical solutions and beneficial knowledge to solve your problems. We sincerely hope those articles are helpful, informative, and interesting."

Charles Cheng (Marketing Manager)

"All customer emails, complaints, comments and suggestions are great sources to help us maintain and optimize our software and service. The essential principal of marketing at iBoysoft is to deliver what matters and has value for customers."

Katrina Yuan (Marketing Specialist)

"We cooperate with mainstream tech sites and tech bloggers. They, or we, never brag about our software features but tell what they truly are. Selling is not our purpose but the result from providing the most relevant, trustworthy, and simple solutions to meet customers' expectations."

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