Do Not Sell or Share Notice for United States Residents

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If you are a United States resident, you may opt out of the "sharing" of your "personal information" for the purpose of cross contextual advertising as these terms are defined under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). We do not sell customer personal information.

iBoysoft and our advertising partners collect certain pieces of information from our visitors, such as device identifiers, cookies, advertising IDs, hashed email addresses and usage activity. We and our partners may share this information with third parties to deliver ads for iBoysoft products on our own and other web sites.

You may adjust your cookie settings by clicking the "Privacy Policy" link in the footer of our web sites. Another way in which you can communicate your cookie preferences to us is change the cookie settings in your browser.

Additionally, United States residents may turn on the Global Privacy Control (GPC) in participating browser systems to opt out of the "sharing" of your personal information in your browser. You will need to turn this on for each browser you use. To learn more about the GPC, visit the Global Privacy Control website