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Dropbox vs iCloud: Which Storage is the Better? (2024)

Updated on Thursday, May 16, 2024

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Dropbox vs iCloud 2024: The Differences You Should Know

Summary: Whether you are in work or daily life, you must depend on cloud storage to store your memories, documents, or photos. Dropbox and iCloud are two main choices for you, what is the result of Dropbox vs iCloud? This post from iBoysoft introduces the difference between them and which one is the better.

summary of Dropbox vs iCloud


Among the numerous cloud storage solutions, there are two giants, Dropbox and iCloud, continuing to vie for Mac users' attention and loyalty. As we store much data on them, it's crucial to dissect the nuanced disparities between these two storage platforms.

Here we will delve into the key aspects to make the wise decision of Dropbox vs iCloud and find the answer of what is the difference between Dropbox and iCloud.

The similarities and differences of Dropbox vs iCloud

The similarities between Dropbox vs iCloud

Dropbox is a file hosting service offered by an American company in 2007, providing features such as cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software. Dropbox is among the pioneers in the field of cloud storage. Additionally, you can use it to scan your files with ease on Mac and organize them in safe storage.

iCloud, offered by Apple Inc. in 2011, serves as a cloud storage and computing service. Users can store various data types on distant servers for online downloads to iOS, macOS, or Windows devices. It facilitates the sharing and sending of data and plays an important role in managing lost or stolen Apple devices.

There are some commonalities between Dropbox and iCloud, making both of them stand out among various cloud storage:

  • Cloud Storage: Both Dropbox and iCloud function as cloud storage services, allowing users to store and access files anywhere.
  • File automatic synchronization: Both Dropbox and iCloud offer file automatic synchronization capabilities, ensuring that the latest version of files is accessible across multiple devices.
  • Cross-platform access: Users can access their stored data on various devices, including iOS, macOS, Windows, and other supported platforms, providing flexibility in usage.
  • Mobile apps: Both services offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, enabling users to manage and access files on the go using smartphones and tablets.
  • Version history: Both of them typically maintain a version history of files, allowing users to revert to previous versions if needed.
  • Security measures: Both services can safeguard your data, passing protective measures like encryption and the implementation of two-factor authentication.

The differences between Dropbox vs iCloud

iCloud vs Dropbox is a crucial comparison for cloud storage, each showing distinctive functions and features. So what is the difference between Dropbox and iCloud? Is iCloud better than Dropbox? Let's see an overview table:

Free storage2GB5GB
Additional storage2TB: $11.99/month
3TB: $19.99/month
50GB: $0.99/month
200GB: $2.99/month
2TB: $9.99/month
Supported devicesMac, Windows, LinuxMac, Windows(limited)
Preview 100s of file typesYesNo
Team storage Starts at5TB2TB
Password file sharingYesNo
Upload larger filesYesNo
The number of usersLessMore
The ways of sharingThrough web appsThrough links
AdvantagesAutomatic syncing even small changes;
Large file previews up to 150GB;
View who and when saw the file
Seamless integration with Apple devices;
Automatic backup photos, contacts, massages and so on;
Easy sharing
DisadvantagesSecurity and privacy concerns;
Free storage is not enough
Limited with most recent files not the old file versioning;
Fewer collaboration tools

Useful comparison of iCloud vs Dropbox, right? Please this post to help more people who are confused about choosing Dropbox or iCloud.


Verdict of Dropbox vs iCloud

In the iCloud vs Dropbox comparison, the choice finally depends on the users' individual preferences, device usage, and detailed needs. Both Dropbox and iCloud offer cloud storage with their own strengths and weaknesses.

iCloud stands out for delivering a smooth experience within the Apple ecosystem, rendering it a preferred option for users who are heavily immersed in the realm of Apple devices. Conversely, Dropbox's compatibility across different platforms, strong file synchronization, and competitive pricing position it as a flexible choice for users with more budgets.

Whether you prioritize ecosystem integration or cross-platform compatibility, Dropbox and iCloud have proven themselves as powerful storage solutions among the various cloud storage.

After you find the most suitable cloud storage between Dropbox vs iCloud, share this on your social platforms. If you find Dropbox is less useless, you may need to move files from Dropbox to iCloud on Mac.