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What Is Core Sync on Mac: Explained in Detail

Updated on Monday, April 8, 2024

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What Is Core Sync on Mac: Everything You Should Know

Summary: Confused about what is Core Sync on Mac? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Mac Core Sync, including what is it, is Core Sync safe, whether can you delete Core Sync on your Mac, etc.

everything you should about Core Sync on Mac

Some Mac users report that they notice Core Sync Mac pop up on their devices from time to time, and don't know what exactly it is. In general, it appears when asking for certain access permissions to files or folders on Mac, which may cause some confusion or concern for people.

So, in this article, we will talk about what is Core Sync on Mac and other things you need to know about it in detail. Want to learn the answer to that question? Keep on reading!

Table of Contents:

What is Core Sync on Mac?

Before we dive deep into the Mac Core Sync, it's worth learning what is Core Sync on Mac in the first place. It's extremely helpful for what we're going to talk about later.

what is Core Sync on Mac

The Core Sync on Mac is both a component of the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app and a part of its installation. Generally speaking, you can think of it as a process/procedure/program that runs in the background when using most Adobe software on macOS.

Actually, Core Sync is a useful tool, which is dedicated to file sharing and data syncing between Mac itself and the Adobe Creative Cloud. As its name implies, it syncs all your files and documents safely with its servers.

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Is Core Sync safe?

Since in most cases, Mac Core Sync is noticed by users when it pops up in a window asking for access permissions to some files or folders, you might overreact to it, and wonder if is it safe in the first place.

Core Sync Mac asks for access permission to files

Well, to put your mind at ease, Core Sync is absolutely safe enough for most users. This program works in tandem with most of Adobe's software, like Creative Cloud, so the Adobe developers have spent much time and energy on building it. But, no program, or application is completely free of any harm, intrusion, or bugs caused by viruses, wrong updates, and other things.

The more important thing is, although the Core Sync runs in the background of Mac's operating system, it needs your permission before accessing certain contents of files and folders that you are working on.

Can I delete Core Sync on my Mac?

If you want to remove Core Sync Mac from your machine after you tried some Adobe products and thought they were not your type, that's totally fine. There's no point to left the Core Sync on your Mac when you don't need any of its related programs. Besides, if you let it stays, it will take up system resources in the background needlessly, and may cause unnecessary troubles, like slowing your Mac, and making your Mac overheated.

But, as we all know, removing an application simply by dragging it to Mac Trash will not do on cleaning up its leftover programs and files. Since the Mac Core Sync is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, things wouldn't be any different. Fortunately, based on that, Adobe has provided consumers with its own tool for removing programs like Core Sync - Creative Cloud Cleaner.

With this removal tool, you can delete Core Sync on your Mac easily. Before doing this, do note that you should make sure all your files and documents should be backed up and fully synced. Then quit any instances of Adobe Creative Cloud and Core Sync using Mac Task Manager.

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Why is Core Sync showing high CPU usage on Mac?

Some Mac users report that the Core Sync shows a very high CPU usage of their Macs. And it could use almost the full capacity of the CPU sometimes, causing abnormally loud noise of the fan, unwanted electricity consumption, and unwanted heating of your Mac.

Core Sync is showing high CPU usage on Mac

Generally, the syncing process itself will lead to Core Sync Mac showing high CPU usage issues. When you are using Adobe Creative Cloud, Core Sync runs in the background and takes up some CPU when syncing documents. Also, if the Core Sync takes up your CPU for a long time, there may be a bug in it. Or, it is compromised by hackers and turns into malicious software.

To fix this problem, you can check if your application is up to date first. Some bugs related to the app itself can be fixed by updating it to the latest version. Or, you can turn off the Mac Core Sync background process to see if this high CPU usage problem is solved.


In this post, we share with you what is Core Sync on Mac, along with its safety and other things you should about it. Hope you have a better understanding of Mac Core Sync now!

FAQ about Mac Core Sync


To fix Core Sync high CPU usage on Mac, follow these steps:
1. Quit all Adobe Applications on your Mac.
2. Go to System Preferences > Extensions.
3. Click on the Core Sync icon, and untick the checkbox next to it.
4. Check if the Core Sync high CPU usage on Mac issue still exists.


To stop the background process like Core Sync on Mac, you can use the Activity Monitor app. Open the Activity Monitor on your Mac first, under the Process Name list, select the process you want to stop, and Click the Stop button in the upper-left corner of the Activity Monitor window.