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Go Menu on Mac: Find & Use It to Access Folders

Updated on Tuesday, May 7, 2024

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Finder Go Menu on Mac: Use It to Find Folders Quickly

Summary: This post will tell you the function of the Finder Go menu on Mac and how to find and use it to quickly access a specific folder on your Mac/MacBook. - From iBoysoft

go menu Mac

 Tips: Want to simplify your workflow? iBoysoft MagicMenu can help you right-click to directly open a folder, link, or external hard drive you want to access. With it, no need to open Finder and then use the Go menu to navigate to the folders on your Mac.

The Mac Go menu is one of the necessary menus in Finder. It allows you to find a specific folder on your Mac directly rather than going through repeatedly folder opening and checking.

If you are new to a Mac machine and don't know where the Go menu on your MacBook Air/Pro is, please follow this article. From here, you will learn about the location of the Go menu on your Mac and get the stepwise method to use it to find any folders on your Mac.

Where is the Go menu on Mac

The Go menu on Mac is located at the Finder menu bar (No matter which macOS version your Mac is running, such as macOS Venture, Monterey, or earlier). You can follow the steps below to find the Finder Go menu on your MacBook.

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Move to the top Finder menu bar
  3. Click on the Go menu.
    Finder Go menu on Mac  

If you have set the automatically hide and show menu bar on the desktop, you need to move your cursor to the top of the screen to show the Finder menu bar. Then, you'll see the Go menu.

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How to use the Go menu on Mac

On the Go dropdown menu, you'll see a list of folders, including the Recents folder, Documents folder, Home folder, and others, just like the items in the Finder sidebar. You can click on any of these folders to open them.

For the Recent Folders on the Go menu, you can move your cursor on it to display the folders you've opened recently.

Finder Go menu

If you want to access a specific folder that's not listed on the Go menu, you need to use the Go to Folder function in the Finder Go menu.

Here's how to use the Finder Go menu on Mac to find a specific folder:

  1. Click on "Go" on the Finder menu bar.
  2. Choose "Go to Folder" on the Go dropdown menu.
  3. Type the folder's path name and hit enter to open the desired folder. 
    enter the specific folder path into the Go to Folder box

Notably, to find a specific folder, you'd better know the path where the folder locates on your Mac. If you don't know the exact folder path, don't worry, there are some suggested pathnames below the input box once you enter the keyword of the folder path.

And usually, you need to type a slash (/) as a start, which shows you'll find a folder from the top level of the folder structure of your Mac. And at the end, the slash is also required.  Because it is to lock the path to a folder rather than a file.

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The Best alternative for the Go menu on Mac

Actually, it is fussy to open Finder to find the Go menu and then use it to help you open the folder you prepare to access. If you want to simplify the procedure to access a folder, you can use iBoysoft MagicMenu. This utility is a Mac right-click enhancer, aiming to enhance your right-click customizability and improve your work efficiency.

With the help of iBoysoft MagicMenu, you can open a specific folder with just a right click. Firstly, free download and install iBoysoft MagicMenu on your Mac.

Then, access your target folder with its Quick Access functionality. Here's how:

  1. Right-click the blank space on your Mac desktop, Finder, or any other location.
  2. Move your cursor to the Quick Access option on the right-click dropdown menu.
    choose Quick Access in the right click menu
  3. Choose your wanted folder and click it for opening.

By default, your Mac's Library folders are on the Quick Access list. If the folders you frequently access are not on the list, you can also add them to the Quick Access menu. Simply open iBoysoft MagicMenu, choose Quick Access on the left sidebar, click Add on the right panel, click Browse to pick up your desired folder (apps, webpage URLs, and disks are also supported), and then click OK to add it.