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Connie Yang

Connie Yang is the primary columnist in the computer field at iBoysoft. She is enthusiastic about sharing tech tutorials on data recovery and solving operating system-related problems.

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Connie Yang has been working as a professional creator in the tech field since 2017. Over the years, she has been contributing to well-known tech platforms and her articles have been widely read. And she has spared no effort to study common software problems on both macOS and Windows machines.

She keeps learning consistently from IT specialists, and her abundant tech knowledge empowers her to have a deep understanding of the tech terms and issues. Her posts are easy to follow and have received many positive feedbacks from readers. She has updated technical solutions in the howto column and explanatory contents in the wiki column at regular intervals.

Connie loves outdoor sports and watching movies during her spare time. You can follow her on Twitter to know more about what she is doing and learning in her daily life.