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MacBook Pro not Charging, Here are Proven Solutions for It

Updated on Tuesday, May 24, 2022

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MacBook Pro Not Charging, What to Do?

Summary: When your MacBook Pro not charging, what should you do? This post will offer efficient solutions to help you fix your MacBook Pro that's not charging.

MacBook Pro not charging

You connect the power adapter to your MacBook Pro but do not see the LED indicator light flashing. In fact, your MacBook Pro is not charging. You worry about this intractable issue because your MacBook won't turn on soon due to running out of power.

Take a breath! Here, we'll analyze this issue and offer you some efficient solutions. After that, your MacBook Pro will back to normal for your use.

fix the MacBook Pro not charging issue

 Table of Contents:

How to fix the MacBook Pro that's not charging

Remarkably, if your MacBook Pro is overheating, it will stop being charged. Because the system will block the power supply to avoid any corruption happening on your computer. At this time, you should wait a moment till the MacBook Pro cool down and then try to charge it again.

But the MacBook that won't charge can also be caused by other reasons, such as the poor power connection, aged battery, system bug, software issue, etc. To troubleshoot the MacBook Pro that cannot be charged, you can follow the solutions below carefully.

Guide to fixing a MacBook Pro that's not charging:

Check the power adapter connection

Sometimes, your MacBook not charging because your power adapter doesn't connect to your MacBook Pro properly. Based on our past experience, you can unplug your power adapter and replug it into your MacBook several times until the light flashes.

1. Check the USB port

If the way mentioned above is in vain, check if the USB port on your Mac notebook is working or not via connecting another suitable and working power cable to your MacBook.

Notably, the USB ports vary from MacBook Pro notebooks. You should make sure your charge cable is matchable for your machine.

2. Check the power adapter and cable

It is common that the damaged power adapter and cable lead to charging failure. You can check if there's apparent damage to your power adapter and cable.

Moreover, the power adapter and cable that came with your MacBook Pro are different among models. If you mix your MacBook's power adapter and cable with others, your MacBook may not be charged.

Here are the main power adapters and cables of the different MacBook Pro models:

USB - C power adapter and charge cable: 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models (2016 or later), 16-inch MacBook Pro models (2019).

the USB-C power adapter and charge cable

MagSafe 2 power adapter and charge cable: 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models (2012 - 2015).

the MagSafe 2 power adapter and charge cable

If your MacBook Pro was released in 2012 and before, you can check its power adapter and cable on the apple support site.

3. Check the power outlet

Besides, please ensure your laptop is connected to a working power outlet. You can check it by plugging another device into the same outlet.

Reset the SMC

Sadly, your Mac still won't be charged even without the power adapter connection issue. You can try to reset SMC (System Management Controller) as it controls the power-related settings of your Mac.

To reset SMC on a MacBook Pro with a removable battery, you should:

  • Disconnect the power adapter and remove your battery.
  • Shut down your computer by pressing the power button for 10 seconds.
  • Put the battery back into your Mac.

To reset SMC on a MacBook Pro with a built-in battery, follow these steps:

  • Shut down your MacBook.
  • Press down the Shift + Control + Option keys and the power button at the same time for 10 seconds.     
    press the key shortcut to reset SMC on a MacBook Pro
  • Release the keys and turn on your MacBook. 

It's worth mentioning that an Apple M1 Mac doesn't have SMC settings.

After resetting SMC, you can charge your MacBook Pro with the power adapter and check if it can be charged normally.

Check the battery

If you still cannot charge your MacBook Pro after resetting SMC, you should check whether your laptop battery has any problems or not. Especially for an aged MacBook Pro with a removable battery.

So, how long does a MacBook Pro battery last? Usually, it will last about 5 years. When the battery gets worn out, the OS will alert you to change it. You can check it by clicking the battery icon on the Apple menu bar.

If you see information like "Service Battery" or "Replace Now" on the menu bar, it shows that the battery is unable to hold the charge.

check the battery of your MacBook Pro

Thus, it's time to replace the battery with a new one. But you'd better ask someone professional or get the MacBook serviced to a local repair center.

Check if your MacBook Pro is on the recall list

However, if you have a newer MacBook Pro, you should check if your battery has a common issue among other users.

Apple has recalled some 15-inch MacBook Pro machines released between 2015 and 2017 due to the battery overheating problem. It is also the culprit that leads to your MacBook not charging.

Check if your MacBook meets the recalling conditions on the Apple Support battery recall program page. If it is, Apple will replace your battery free of charge.

Besides, Apple also has recalled the 2016-2017 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar that has the risk of built-in battery expansion. You can visit Apple's 13-inch MacBook Pro battery replacement program page and make a confirmation. Then, submit your requirement for a battery replacement.

Update your MacBook Pro

If you are sure your Mac notebook doesn't have battery-related issues, there's a chance that your un-rechargeable computer result from software incompatibility.

The macOS updates are necessary for improving the communication with hardware like the battery. So, if your MacBook Pro still runs the old macOS, problems will appear, like your MacBook won't charge.

You can download and update your macOS to enable the problem to be fixed.

MacBook Pro still not charging? Repair it

MacBook Pro not charging is a common and complex issue. If you have tried the methods mentioned above but fail to fix your MacBook, it probably has heavy hardware issues. You can contact the Mac repair center for help.