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Read and Write to an NTFS Drive on a Mac [Video Guide]

iBoysoft author Connie Yang
Written by Connie Yang
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Working with NTFS drives on a Mac poses challenges due to incompatibility. While Macs can read NTFS, writing to it is impossible. The iBoysoft NTFS for Mac software solves this issue by enabling read and write access to NTFS drives on a Mac, making it convenient to work between platforms.

Unlocking the Power: Read and Write to an NTFS Drive on a Mac Timestamped

1. 00:00 πŸ‘ Macs can't read or write to NTFS drives, so it's better to format them as exFAT for compatibility.

2. 00:47 🀦 PCs are better than the Mac thing, but I need to get back to work, so do you want the files or not?

3. 01:26 πŸ’» Mac and PC cannot interchangeably work with NTFS drives, causing a challenge when working between the two.

4. 02:16 πŸ’‘ Mac can read NTFS formatted hard drive but cannot write to it, so you can only drag and copy files off of it.

5. 02:50 πŸ“ You can't write to an NTFS drive on a Mac, so it's best to use a FAT or exFAT format for compatibility between Mac and PC.

6. 03:36 πŸ”‘ Use iBoysoft NTFS for Mac to read, write, and format NTFS drives on a Mac, including with M1 chips.

7. 04:38 πŸ‘ Use Setapp, a subscription-based service for access to a library of Mac apps, to boost productivity and improve Mac performance.

8. 05:03 πŸ‘ Check out Setapp for a quick tip on using an NTFS drive on a Mac, and also find a collection of favorite apps and tools in the description.

Read and Write to an NTFS Drive on a Mac Timestamped Video Summary

The video discusses the challenge of reading and writing to an NTFS drive on a Mac and the implications of formatting and file systems.

The challenge of working with NTFS drives on a Mac is discussed.

The differences between formatting as NTFS and exFAT are highlighted.

The presenter talks about the difficulties of working between PCs and Macs due to different file systems.

The speaker discusses using an NTFS drive on a Mac and recommends a tool for Mac users.


No, NTFS is read-only supported on macOS. If you want to write to NTFS on your Mac, you need to rely on an NTFS for Mac tool like iBoysoft NTFS for Mac.


You can use a NTFS driver or so-called NTFS for Mac tool to mount the NTFS drive in read-write mode on your Mac. For example, iBoysoft NTFS for Mac.


There are free NTFS for Mac programs like NTFS-3G. However, it is an open-source tool that is not stable and secure enough. Especially if you are not a computing expert, you're suggested to use the easy-to-operate, professional, and safe iBoysoft NTFS for Mac.