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Comprehensive Explanation of Reminders in macOS Ventura

Updated on Friday, June 14, 2024

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Summary: The upgraded Reminders in macOS Ventura comes with new features to improve your productivity. Read this post to know the changes.

macOS Ventura Reminders

Apple has improved quite a few apps in its latest Mac operating system, macOS Ventura. To name some, Spotlight, Safari, and what we are going to talk about today, Reminders. Apple has added several new features to this simple task management tool to make it more useful. Read on to know how can Reminders in macOS Ventura level up your productivity.

What is macOS Ventura Reminders

As the name suggests, Reminders is created by Apple to help users create lists and set notifications to remind themselves of certain tasks. This task management program is divided into four sections, including Today, Scheduled, Flagged, and All.

Users can create a reminder by either setting a certain time and location today or making a schedule in the future. New reminders can be organized into lists or set as subtasks with detailed information such as tags, notes, images, and attachments. The latest Reminders in macOS 13 is designed to be a productivity enhancer with a bunch of stunning features.

 Tips: The background process that manages the reminders is called remindd.

New features in macOS Ventura Reminders

Organize tasks by time and date

To make it easier for you to see reminders, the upgraded Reminders list your tasks based on a straight time and date line. With three sections in a day, including Morning, Afternoon, and Tonight, all added tasks will fit in the right section automatically. When you check the Scheduled reminders, you can also see sections in the upcoming days.

Reminders timeline

Pin a list as the priority

Have to finish a list ahead of others? Reminders now can pin a list so you can access the tasks more quickly. Simply right-click on the list and you can see a context menu. Click on the first option to pin the selected list.

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Save the list as a template

Sometimes users may have repeated lists to finish on different days. Reminders now can save the list as a template so users can reuse it for other lists. How to do it? Click on the list and choose Save as Templates… in the top menu bar. With this function, users can save the effort to create the same list.

save template in Reminders

Meanwhile, you can share the saved templates with others and download templates as well. To share a template, choose the list and go to File in the top-left corner. Find View Templates and the templates window should appear. Click on the three-dot icon and choose to share your template with more people.

Edit reminders with different formats

In case you want to highlight a particular note, Reminders allows you to apply bold, italic, underlined formatting, and other effects to your notes. The list is also customizable with bulleted, numbered, and dashed options. Try various formats in the Edit menu or use keyboard combinations.

Newly added Completed section

The previous Reminders doesn't have a section that shows all completed tasks. Fortunately, now after you finish a reminder, it will be moved to the Completed section with the completion time.

Apart from these, there are some minor changes in Reminders. For instance, when you add a new task or complete a task in the shared list, it's possible to send notifications to others. 

Now you know Reminders in macOS Ventura helps to enhance productivity with its new features, why not spread the news with your friends?