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What Does Command Z Do on a Mac?

Updated on Friday, June 14, 2024

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Summary: This post tells what is Command + Z on a Mac or MacBook and how to undo Command Z. Meanwhile, other useful Mac Command keys are also mentioned.

Command Z Mac

To undo actions on a Windows computer, you can press the Ctrl + Z keys on your keyboard. But if you press the Ctrl + Z keys on Mac's keyboard, you may find it won't perform an undo on Mac. Actually, there is another Ctrl + Z alternative on Mac: Mac Command Z. Just keep reading, you'll know what Command Z does on a Mac and how to undo Mac Command Z.

What is Command Z on Mac

Command Z on Mac or Mac Command Z, is one of the most useful Mac key shortcuts. It aims at reversing or undoing the last action on your Mac or MacBook. For example, when you wrongly deleted a file on your Mac and the file has been moved to the Trash, now you want to put the deleted file back to its original location, you can use the Command + Z key combinations to help you. 

what is Command Z on a Mac

Simply simultaneously press down the Command and Z keys on your Mac keyboard, then the deleted file in Mac Trash can be recovered to its original place. But if you click Empty Trash on Mac after deleting a file, the Mac Command Z keys can't help undo this action. If you want to recover the emptied Mac trash, try to use data recovery software to help, such as iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac.

What is Command Z opposite

You can't talk about Command + Z without also talking about the redo command. If you're looking for a Command Z opposite to undo Command + Z, there is a similar key combo. Generally, you can press Shift + Command + Z keys at the same time to fulfill this purpose.

Shift Command Z on Mac

In addition, in some apps, you can hold down the Command + Y keys to redo the undone action. Alternatively, you can use the button in the Apple menu bar to undo Command + Z. Simply go to the top Apple menu bar, select the Edit option, then click Redo or Redo Typing ( this will vary according to various apps ).

undo Command Z on Mac

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Other Mac Command Keys

Now you must have known how to undo and redo on Mac with the Command + Z keys or Shift + Command + Z keys. But do you know or remember other useful Mac Command shortcuts? If not, go through the following part to learn:

  • Command + A: Select all items
  • Command + C: Copies selected (highlighted) text or other items
  • Command + F: Find specific text or a symbol within a document or open a window
  • Command + H: Hide the front/active window
  • Command + M: Minimize the front/active window
  • Command + O: Open the selected item or opens the finder to select a file
  • Command + P: Print your document
  • Command + Q: Quit the active program/application
  • Command + S: Save your work
  • Command + T: Open a new tab
  • Command + V: Paste the copied/selected items
  • Command + W: Close the active window
  • Command + X: Cut selected text or other items

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