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The Journal App: What Do We Know So Far?

Updated on Friday, June 14, 2024

iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

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Summary: This post from iBoysoft is for people who are keen on the Journal app landing on the Mac end. It introduces Journal in an all-sided way and lets you be fully ready to take advantage of it on your computer device running the Mac operating system.

Journal app on Mac

The Journal app was tested by Apple in WWDC 2023 and the company demonstrated that it will be released "later this year". Based on Apple's custom move, nevertheless, it will come to the Mac end later than to the iOS end.

No worries, it's worthwhile to wait for the stunning Journal app to be applicable on the Mac end with all its amazing functions and features. Today, this post guides you to know Journal thoroughly so that you can make full use of it someday.

A Basic Introduction to Journal

Journal is an app that gives you a platform to confess your book reviews, thoughts, ideas, likings, hates, or anything associated with data from installed applications on your device. 

For example, you can type:

  • I worked out (#workout) today at Central Park (#location), and I saw a poor kid begging. I felt good after buying him an ice cream.
  • While listening to Justin Bieber's Baby (#music), I felt the lyrics resonating with my current mood.

 Journal gathers data from all sorts of pre-installed apps, including Contacts (recent calls), Maps (locations you have been to), Music, Podcast (you have listened to), Photos (you have recently taken), Schedules (workouts you did), and so forth.

You can write anything interesting, funny, inspiring, sad, commendatory, and experience & suggestions from everyday moments to share with others. On top of all that, you are allowed to add photos from the Photo Library, take photos, record a voice note, attach location, and more.

Up to now, it is only accessible to iPhone users who run iOS 17 yet no support is given to macOS and iPadOS. According to Apple's convention, it might come to the Mac stand along with the further major macOS update. After all, Apple has a history of being lazy and not porting over new iOS features to macOS at the same time. It's always a year later.

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The best Journal app on Mac (alternative)

Although it's improbable to experience Journal on Mac right at this moment, we can make use of an optimal alternative to the Apple Journal app -- Day One. 

the best Journal app on Mac

Day One is the original journal app and a decade of updates and feature additions make it the most private, trusted, and easiest-to-use journaling platform. The reinvented journaling lets you record your life at will. As a secure and trusted digital journal app, it allows you to save audio, video, photos, notes, and more with data safety.

One limitation of it is that you're restricted to using its own server instead of iCloud, which is less popular. Therefore, you have to repeatedly download this toolkit on every device if you want to access your files across platforms.

Tons of users have complained about that annoying issue online and some even quit using it due to this drawback. Hope that the Day One team will notice this troublesome problem and respond with a server upgrade.

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Final thought

Indeed, the Journal app is a perfect toolkit for people to share ideas and experiences, however, there is no Mac desktop version yet. I reckon that you have to wait for the next major macOS update or even longer to have it on the Mac stand.