How to recover lost data from deleted/lost ReFS partition?

Posted by Juno to Data Recovery Tips on July 13th, 2017

Recently, I mistakenly deleted one computer disk which has a ReFS file system. The disk is gone together with the inside files. Those files are extremely important for me but I didn't have any backup. Is there any method to get my lost partition back as well as recover lost data from deleted/lost ReFS partition?

Compared with NTFS, ReFS has many advanced features and can save data in a more safe way, it can also fail to work sometimes and data loss on ReFS partition can be a headache for users. Partition loss is one of the common causes for data loss.

Have you ever deleted or lost your ReFS partition by mistake like the above case? Have you ever suddenly found a ReFS partition lost and you even don't know why? Have you ever been annoyed by losing data after ReFS partition loss?

Possible causes of ReFS partition loss

A partition could be lost by mistaken deletion, damaged Master Boot Record, bad sectors, virus attack, system corruption or some unknown reasons. Naturally, once a partition is deleted or lost, all data stored on it will be lost. Although this is quite tough a problem, it is not the end of the road.

Tips before ReFS partition recovery

After accidentally deleting or losing your partition, there is no need to be panic for the lost partition still remains on the hard drive and the data inside it can be restored until been overwritten by new data. What you should do is immediately stop using the hard drive to avoid writing new data to the lost partition. Once the data on the lost partition has been overwritten, it's impossible to get them back.

If there is no useful data on the lost partition, you can easily solve the problem by creating new partition or repartitioning the hard drive. If there are useful data on the lost partition, you can recover lost data from deleted/lost ReFS partition with a data recovery software.

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