How to fix corrupt files that were recovered from being deleted?

Posted by Molly to Data Recovery Tips on June 20th, 2018

I've recently encountered an issue with files getting deleted from my computer, I was able to recover the files through data recovery software however most of the files were no longer usable. For example, for images, when you view them it's just black, for .doc files, MS Word can no longer open them. They appear to be corrupted. Is there a way I can fix the corrupt files that were successfully recovered from being deleted? Or, is there better recovery software that doesn't "corrupt" files?

Why files corrupted when recovered from being deleted?

Actually, data recovery isn't a 100 percent guaranteed task. First of all, it requires the hard drive where deleted files stored hasn't been overwritten or used for further storage. If that happened, it was very likely you were unable to recover the deleted files, or files corrupted after data recovery.

Second, if disk defragmentation has been performed after deleting files, the possibility of file corruption will also increase. That's why we can successfully recover deleted files but found them corrupted or failed to open sometimes.

How to avoid file corruption after recovering from being deleted?

In order to maximize the chance of getting deleted files back and avoid file corruption, you'd better stop using that drive immediately to reduce overwriting to the deleted files. Besides, saving recovered files to a different partition or drive is also of vital importance.

How to fix corrupt files that were recovered from being deleted? Any suggestions?

There are two feasible ways to fix corrupt files before and after recovering from being deleted. Please note that none of them can guarantee no data corrupted or damaged.

Suggestion 1: Try a more reliable data recovery software - iBoysoft Data Recovery

Though no data recovery software can promise no file corruption at all, it's still worth looking for a more reliable and professional one, like iBoysoft Data Recovery is the one, which is probably able to solve the problem of corrupt files that were recovered from being deleted.

It's able to recover deleted pictures, videos, documents, music and email files even emptied from Recycle Bin, recover lost data from deleted partition, recover lost data from corrupted external drive/USB drive/SD card, and recover lost data from formatted hard drive, RAW partition, unreadable, inaccessible partitions, etc.

Suggestion 2: Try some file repair software

If unfortunately the files corrupted after data recovery, you can try to repair the corrupted files with some file repair software, which are designed for repairing files damaged or corrupted after data recovery failures, virus attacks, etc.

Last but not least, the safest way to avoid expected data loss is always making backups of your important files. It will be very helpful when you're suffering from file corruption after data recovery.

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