APFS volume decryption paused/stuck/froze, how to fix and recover data?

Posted by Katrina to Mac Data Recovery on November 7th, 2018

A week ago I've updated my Macbook Pro to 10.13 and reformat both internal disks (SSH and HDD) to encrypted APFS. So far the SSD is working good but I have a problem with the HDD. I can't mount the APFS volume from HDD to the system. I've tried to mount HDD from Recovery mode and seems what it can't decrypt the volume. According to diskutil apfs list decryption stuck on 31%.

While enjoying the advanced features of APFS encryption, most of people have suffered from decryption failures, such as APFS volume decryption paused/stuck, encrypted APFS drive can't be unlocked with password, recover data after APFS decryption failed, etc. This passage will explain why APFS volume decryption paused/stuck and how to recovet data after APFS volume decryption interrupted, stuck, froze, paused.

Why APFS volume decryption paused/stuck/froze?

There are various reasons which can make APFS volume decryption paused/stuck. Among them, catalog files corruption, invalid volume header and damaged partition table are the most common ones. These three elements are usually caused by virus attack, sudden power failure and some improper operations.

How to recover data after APFS volume decryption paused/stuck/froze?

If APFS volume decryption paused/stuck, the APFS volume can't be open and all data stored on the volume are lost. First things first, you should recover data after APFS volume decryption paused/stuck/froze.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is the best APFS data recovery software that enables you to recover data after APFS volume decryption failed, recover data from encrypted APFS drive, recover data from formatted APFS drive, recover data from corruprted APFS drive, recover data from unmountable APFS drive, etc. It supports data recovery in different storage devices, including SSD, hard drive, external HDD, USB flash drive, SD card, memory card, etc.

Tutorial to recover data after APFS volume decryption paused/stuck/froze:

Step 1: Launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on Mac.

Step 2: Choose the APFS volume that paused/stuck/froze to decrypt, then click "Next" to scan for all lost files on the volume.

Recover data after APFS decryption failed to begin

Step 3: Enter password to start the scanning process.

Step 4: Preview the list results, choose what you want to get back, then click "Recover".

Step 5: Go through to make sure you have all the lost files back.

Besides APFS data recovery, iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery also support data from HFS+, HFS, FAT32, exFAT drives on macOS 10.14/10.13/10.12 and macOS 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7.

APFS volume decryption paused/stuck/froze, how to fix?

After successful data recovery, you are able to solve APFS volume decryption paused/stuck/froze without data loss. Here are the most effective solutions:

Step 1: Launch Disk Utility from Utilities.

Step 2: Click the icon of the APFS drive that paused/stuck/froze to decrypt on the left part of the window.

Step 3: Click the Erase function on the top of the Disk Utility window.

Step 4: Complete the related information (name, format, scheme), then click Erase button.

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