How to read/write NTFS drive on Mac computer?

Posted by Autumn X to NTFS for Mac on April 20th, 2017

We all know the fact that Mac OS X and macOS have always been able to read NTFS drive, but unable to write NTFS drive. But why? This article is here to explain the reseasons and give a solution to write NTFS drive on Mac.

Why can't we write NTFS drive on Mac?

The newest file system for Mac is APFS, and the previous one is HFS+. Both of the two Mac file systems are fundamentally different from NTFS, such as characters supported in the name and maximum file size and many other differences.

Supporting another file system means that there is a massive expense to the OS development and test teams. Reading a file from a different file system is significantly easier than writing. As for information security, there is very little chance of data loss in only reading a file. In writing a file, it is hard to ensure that the act of writing the file doesn't lose data (either in the file that you are writing, or other files on the disk).

Mac OS X and macOS are able to read NTFS drives, that means Mac know many things about NTFS, not only read NTFS drives. You can also write NTFS drive on Mac OS X and macOS, however, it's a hidden switch, and it's not recommended due to its complexity. Today we'll introduce an easy to use and professional NTFS app - iBoysoft Drive Manager to help you read and write NTFS on Mac computer.

iBoysoft Drive Manager

Write NTFS drive on Mac with iBoysoft Drive Manager

With iBoysoft Drive Manager, you can write NTFS drive on Mac with ease.

NTFS for Mac: iBoysoft Drive Manager

iBoysoft Drive Manager is a handy Mac tool which allows you to manage your external and network drives fast and intuitively from the menu bar easily. With this drive management software, you can mount, unmount, eject your volumes with only one click. Mounting NTFS drive on Mac as a regular drive with read-write mode is a piece of cake.

iBoysoft Drive Manager supports OS: macOS 10.13 and macOS 10.12, Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7 (Lion). File systems supported: NTFS, NTFS5, exFAT, FAT, FAT32, HFS+. And any Mac-based hard drive, external hard drive, USB flash drive, SD card, CF card, MicroSD, SDHC, memory card, memory stick, micro card can be managed with iBoysoft Drive Manager.

The most important thing is that iBoysoft Drive Manager is easy to use. All you need to do before writing NTFS drive on Mac are downloading and launching your iBoysoft Drive Manager.

After installing and launching your iBoysoft Drive Manager, it will automatically and safely mount all drives and eject all external drives when the system sleeps. It's the same to mount NTFS drive on Mac.

After get notified that your drive is mounted successfully, you can manage your drive and read/write NTFS drive.

Want to get a specific guide to write NTFS drive on macOS High Sierra 10.13? Please refer to How to write NTFS drive in macOS High Sierra 10.13?.

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