Unreadable flash drive recovery on Mac

Posted by Juno to Mac Data Recovery on October 30th, 2017

My SanDisk Cruzer 32 GB flash drive has suddenly become unreadable when I connected it to Mac. It can be recognized by Disk Utility, but can't be shown on the desktop. There are there options available: initialize, ignore or eject the drive. I do not want to initialize as this will result in loss of my data. Is there any way that can recover unreadable flash drive on Mac?

As a convenient portable storage device, flash drive has been widely used to transfer files from one computer to another. With a flash drive, we can easily carry files stored on one computer to other places. However, as more and more users have the habit of storing important files on flash drive, there are problems gradually emerge. flash drive suddenly becoming unreadable is one of those problems that annoy countless users.

Once a flash drive becoming unreadable, we can't access files on the drive any more. How disturbing it would be if the unreadable flash drive contains some significant files. No one wants to experience losing data from unreadable flash drive, but sometimes we can't avoid that.

The main reasons that make flash drive becoming unreadable are damaged file system, virus attack, unsafe ejection or any other improper operation. But no matter what leads to unreadable flash drive, the most important thing is to get lost files back. This passage will introduce how to recover data from unreadable flash drive on Mac.

Tips for unreadable flash drive recovery on Mac

To achieve the best data recovery results, we should avoid making any further operation on the flash drive after it becoming unreadable, like formatting it or saving files on it. That's because those further operation are very possible to cover the original files. Once the files have been covered, we will lose the chance to get them back.

How to recover data from unreadable flash drive on Mac?

All we need is free Mac flash drive data recovery software - iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery, a professional data recovery software that can recovery data from unreadable flash drive, RAW flash drive, formatted flash drive, inaccessible flash drive, corrupted flash drive, recover files deleted or lost from flash drive, etc. on macOS 10.15/10.14/10.13/10.12 and Mac OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7.

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery also supports recovering data from Macintosh HD, recovering data from external hard drive, recovering data from SD card, recovering data from Pen drive and many other storage devices.

Tutorial for unreadable flash drive recovery on Mac

Step 1: Download and install iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on Mac.

Step 2: Connect the unreadable flash drive to Mac.

Step 3: Launch this free Mac flash drive data recovery software, and select the unreadable flash drive.

free Mac flash drive data recovery - iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery

Step 4: Click "Next" to scan all deleted or lost files on the unreadable flash drive.

Step 5: Preview the scanning results, choose files we need and click "Recover" to get those lost files back.

Lastly, have a check to ensure all lost files have been recovered.

For fixing/repairing unreadable USB flash drive, please refer to how to repair unreadable USB drive on Mac.

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