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What is the equivalent of Ctrl Alt Del on a Mac?

I changed my computer from Windows to Mac, and I want to know, what is the equivalent of Ctrl+Alt+Del on Mac? Please Help!!!

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Eudora Liu

Answered on Monday, July 10, 2023

Well, the equivalent of Ctrl + Alt + Del on Mac is Command + Option + Esc. These combinations are very useful when you want to force quit apps but they also have something different.

Ctrl + Alt + Del on Windows is not only used to force quit a program but also to open the multi-functional Task Manager. But Command + Option + Esc can only force quit apps on Mac.

When you press Ctrl + Alt + Del on Windows, you may see the following menu on your screen.

  • Lock
  • Switch user
  • Sign out
  • Change a password
  • Task Manager

But how to achieve the same function on Mac? You can press Control + Command + Q to lock the screen and Shift + Command + Q to sign out.

And to force quit apps on Mac, you can not only use the shortcut and Activity Monitor, but also the following ways.

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