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How do you press Ctrl Alt Del on an Apple keyboard?

My laptop was set up to press Ctrl Alt Delete before allowing me to type in my password to log in. I want to use an Apple keyboard with my Windows computer but I can't find the combination for Ctrl Alt Delete. Please help!

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iBoysoft author Jenny Zeng

Jenny Zeng

Answered on Thursday, May 16, 2024

To press Ctrl Alt Delete using an Apple keyboard, try the following combinations:

If you're using the Apple keyboard with Windows:

① Use Ctrl - Option - the Delete button to the left of the End button if you have a full-sized keyboard.

② If your keyboard has only one Delete key, it's really equivalent to the Backspace button on a Windows keyboard. To do Ctrl Alt Delete, you need to press Ctrl - Option - Fn - Delete or Backspace.

③ If you're using a USB keyboard with the numeric keypad on the right, you can also turn off the num lock and press Ctrl - Option - . from the numeric keypad.

④ Other combinations that have worked for some users are:

  • Ctrl - Command - Fn - the right arrow
  • Ctrl - Option - Fn - the right arrow
  • Left Ctrl  - right Option - Delete

Tips: If you're using the Apple keyboard with macOS, the equivalent of Ctrl - Alt - Delete on Mac for force quitting apps is Option -Command - Esc.

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