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How to Uninstall Grammarly on Mac: A Step by Step Guide

Updated on Friday, June 14, 2024

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Summary: In this article, we will tell you how to uninstall Grammarly on Mac, and remove its leftover files completely. Besides, help you remove the Grammarly extension from browsers. How to deactivate the Grammarly account is covered also.

how to uninstall Grammarly on Mac

If you are a website editor or a writer who works with words every day, you may be familiar with a handy spell-checking tool - Grammarly. Although Grammarly may take your writing to the next level, it requires some personal information to use, and you need to start it with an e-mail address or sign in with a Google account.

Moreover, as it will access what you are typing to complete the word-checking process, this tool may not be suitable for sensitive text. So, for security's sake, you may wonder how to uninstall Grammarly on Mac for personal information security. In this article, we will show you how with a step-by-step guide. Read on for more details!

Uninstall Grammarly in different scenariosSpecific operations
Delete Grammarly Desktop on MacGo to Finder > Applications, and drag Grammarly Desktop to the Trash. Or download and install iBoysoft MagicMenu, right-click Grammarly Desktop, and choose Uninstall.
Remove Grammarly extensions from browsersHead to Settings/Preferences of the browser, find the Extensions tab, find Grammarly, then Remove/Uninstall it.
Deactivate Grammarly accountLog into your Grammarly account on Grammarly's official website, under the Profiles section, select Account Settings, and select Delete Account.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is a free online writing assistant that job-seeker, writers, and other professionals can use to proofread and edit their documents and writings. It aims at checking your spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation errors, and helps you correct them by offering you appropriate replacements.

Also, different from traditional word-checking tools, it allows users to select editing input based on six different types of writing, which are general, casual, business, academic, technical, and creative. In a word, it is a handy tool that checks your writing errors in real-time.

uninstall Grammarly

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How to uninstall Grammarly on Mac?

As with any cases of uninstall apps on Mac, dragging Grammarly from the Applications folder and putting it into Mac Trash is not enough. There are still some leftover files of it occupying the disk space. So, you need to uninstall the app first, then remove those user files from your Mac. Here's how to uninstall Grammarly Desktop on mac:

  1. Right-click on the Grammarly icon in the Mac Dock, and click Quit in the context menu to quit Grammarly on your Mac.
  2. Go to Apple Menu > Go > Applications. Also, you can click Finder in the Dock, and click on Applications from the left column, it works the same. 
    find Applications on Apple Menu
  3. Select the Grammarly Application, drag it from the Applications folder, and put it into the Trash. Or, you can right-click on the Grammarly application, and select Move to Trash. 
    move Grammarly desktop to the Trash

Besides, you can also uninstall Grammarly on Mac with iBoysoft MagicMenu, a right-click uninstaller for Mac. With this tool installed, you can right-click the Grammarly Apps in Finder and choose Uninstall from the context menu, then it will automatically remove it from Mac and won't go to the Mac Trash.

uninstall app

Now, it's time to remove the leftover files on Mac. Here's how to completely remove Grammarly on Mac:

1. Go to Apple Menu > Go, and click Go to Folder. You can as well press Command + Shift + G at the same time on the desktop.

2. Type the following paths in the box, and click Go.

    ~/Library/Application Support/
    ~/Library/Saved Application State/

find leftover files of Grammarly

3. Look for files that have “Grammarly” in their names in each above location. Once you find such files, move them to the Trash.

delete leftover Grammarly files

4. Until you are done deleting all the Grammarly-related files, don't forget to Empty Trash to get rid of Grammarly completely.

This is also a feasible way to remove leftovers on Mac using iBoysoft DiskGeeker, an excellent cleaner for Mac. It can scan for unneeded files on your Mac hard drive and list them for you, then you can tick unwanted files and remove them from your Mac with one click.

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How to remove Grammarly extension from browsers?

If you use Grammarly as a plugin in your frequently used browsers, and you want to uninstall it for whatever reason, you should uninstall Grammarly browser extension from your preferred web browsers. Do note that if this doesn't work for any reason, you may need to reset browser settings to their default values.

Here, we will tell you how to remove the Grammarly extension from three popular browsers, let's get started.

Remove Grammarly extension from Chrome

To remove Grammarly extension on Mac from Chrome, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser on your Mac.
  2. In the top right part of the window, click the Customize and control Google Chrome (⁝) icon, choose More Tools in the drop-down menu, and select Extensions. 
    Extensions on Google Chrome
  3. On the Extensions list, locate Grammarly for Chrome, and click on Remove. 
    remove Grammarly for Chrome
  4. Confirm the removal by clicking Remove on the pop-up window.
  5. Check if the Grammarly extension is removed from Google Chrome.

Remove Grammarly extension from Safari

To uninstall Grammarly extension in Mac Safari, follow these steps:

  1. Launch Safari browser on your Mac.
  2. Click Safari on the Apple Menu in the top left of your screen, and choose Preferences in the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Preferences window, click the Extensions tab, find Grammarly for Safari in the sidebar, and click Uninstall. 
    remove Grammarly for Safari
  4. Check if the Grammarly extension is removed from Mac Safari.

Remove Grammarly extension from Firefox

Here's how to uninstall Grammarly extension on Mac from Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox browser on your Mac.
  2. In the top right corner of the Firefox window, click on the Open menu button, and choose Add-ons.
    Add ons in Firefox
  3. Select Extensions in the sidebar, and find Grammarly for Firefox in the list.
  4. Click on the three dots button next to Grammarly for Firefox, and click Remove in the contextual menu.
    remove Grammarly for Firefox
  5. On the pop-up window, click Remove again to confirm the removal.
  6. Check if Grammarly for Firefox is uninstalled from Firefox.

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How to deactivate Grammarly account?

After learning how to uninstall Grammarly Desktop on Mac, and remove Grammarly extension on Mac from browsers, you may want to know how to deactivate your Grammarly account as well.

If you are sure that you will not use this tool in the future, and want to cancel your Grammarly account, follow these steps:

  1. On Grammarly's official website, log in to your Grammarly account from any website browser (for your information, you don't need the Grammarly extension to log in to your account).
  2. Go to the Profiles section, select Account Settings, and click Delete Account. 
    deactivate Grammarly account
  3. After clicking Delete Account, you need to type in your password to confirm you want to deactivate your Grammarly account.
  4. Click Confirm Deletion button.

Until all the above steps are completed, your Grammarly account is deactivated, and cannot be used to log in anymore. If you want to reuse this tool again in the future, simply register a new Grammarly account.

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In this Grammarly detailed uninstallation tutorial, we walk you through how to uninstall Grammarly on Mac and remove Grammarly extension from three popular browsers. You can use any of the above methods to uninstall this tool. Hope you can uninstall it successfully!

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