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Why is there no trust in the security of BitLocker?

I wonder why so many people are opposed to BitLocker. Even official organizations are using it to protect their data, however, many users say that the BitLocker causes data loss instead. How could it be, and should I trust it from then on?

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iBoysoft author Yuri Zhang

Yuri Zhang

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

BitLocker is a measure to prevent data stealing. And BitLocker in Windows is open by default. 

Some people said, “I don't give access to BitLocker at all, when I forget the recovery key, the data is easy to lose.” You give access to it by logging into the Microsoft account whose user's agreement includes the BitLocker treaty when first booting the computer. And this is the moment when the BitLocker recovery key will be stored in your Microsoft account as a safeguard. Until now, BitLocker hasn't had bad effects on your daily usage like playing games and watching videos as long as you leave it alone.

Some users asked if it is better and safer to close BitLocker. It is noted that this act may result in the stealing of your important data. Compared to forgetting the recovery key to data loss with the risk of data falling into other's hands, you can judge by yourself. 

Some users also had a question if encryption or description by BitLocker is interrupted by accident such as blackouts, will there be any risk of data loss? The process can be stopped at all times, and you can choose to go back to the original interrupted place to restore the encryption or decryption without data loss.

Most importantly, please do remember and take good records of your Microsoft account and recovery key so that you lock and unlock your data successfully to keep your privacy. If the password and recovery key are not working, please refer to BitLocker Not Accepting the BitLocker Password or Recovery Key, What To Do?


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