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Yuri Zhang

Yuri, a technical writer at iBoysoft, has excelled at computer-related expertise in Windows, BitLocker, etc.

Yuri, a technical writer at M3 Software, has excelled at computer-related expertise in Windows, BitLocker, etc. She serves as an op-ed columnist and also produces specialized and reliable technical content.

Yuri's education started with a bachelor's degree in English literature, which laid the solid foundation for her editing career. After graduation, she almost engages with words on a daily basis. Later, she becomes a computer-goer completely, and date recovery appeals to her; gradually, she has a good command of professional knowledge.

She develops a habit of bookreading in all fields, hoping to become a master of all and practice knowledge in reality. Furthermore, she is fond of music and video games in private. In today's near-paperless office, she attempts to make a contribution via productive and fruitful essays.

She pursues high-standard contents and creative works, and in turn, the excellent pieces inspire her. Thinking and reflection have become her way of life.

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