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MacBook Pro with Touch Bar Not Turning On, What to do

My MBP 2019 with touch bar is not turning on. Everything was working absolutely fine until last night, it suddenly won't turn on. Tried some troubleshooting ways and still had no success. When I connect the charger, I can hear the connecting sound. And the USB hub lights up when I connect it to my MBP. But when I try to turn it on, there's no luck. Have tried the SMC setting, no use. The screen won't come up nor does the keyboard. Any help?

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

I can see that your MacBook Pro can be charged but won't boot up.

Since you've tried resetting SMC but the machine still shows a black screen, go on trying these workarounds to fix your MacBook that won't turn on:

Charge your MacBook for a longer time. Maybe you drained your MacBook's battery last night, causing it to not have enough power to start up.

Disconnect useless peripherals. Some external devices may have errors or viruses that stop your MacBook from starting up. And external devices like USB hubs can drain a lot of power, making your Mac lack sufficient power to turn on.

Reset NVRAMResetting NVRAM is to refresh the system-related settings that take over the Mac startup and proper running. Then, your MBP can boot up as usual.

Send the MBP to a repair center. If none of the above ways help you out, take your machine to a nearby repair center.

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