How to transfer files from broken Mac to new Mac?

Posted by Katrina to Mac Data Recovery on January 14th, 2019

Hi, my 4-year-old MacBook Pro has died (Model A1260). The people at the Apple Store have confirmed that it's a dead logic board. I have some important files on the computer that were not backed up. How can I retrieve these files? Preferably, I'd like to be able to access these files on a PC, but if need be, I can borrow my friend's iMac to do the transfer. Thanks!

Unlike external devices, internal hard drives are sturdier and they don’t run into problems as often as flash drives. But they don’t last forever. Sometimes, they tend to get corrupted and you will suffer from data loss. It is not easy to recover files from hard drives on a Mac computer which is functioning well. If you need to transfer files from a broken Mac to a new Mac, things would become more complex. In this article, we will talk about that.

Tutorial to transfer files from broken Mac to new Mac

iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery is free Mac hard drive data recovery software which has helped lots of users transfer documents, pictures, audios, videos, emails that files from broken Mac to new Mac, recover data from dead MacBook Pro/MacBook Air/iMac, recover data from unbootable Mac computer, recover data from failed internal Mac hard drive, etc.

There is no need to take out the broken Mac internal HD. You are allowed to create a bootable USB and recover data or run the software through iBoysoft Server.

Solution 1: If you have only one unbootable Mac computer

If you have only one computer at your hand, please click to see how to run iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery bootable media through iBoysoft Server.

Solution 2: If you have two Macs

step 1: Download iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on another Mac computer.

Step 2: Install and launch iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery on the healthy Mac computer.

Step 3: Click iBoysoft Data Recovery on the menu bar and then select "Create Boot Drive".

iBoysoft Data Recovery create bootable drive

Step 4: Insert a USB drive into the healthy Mac computer.

iBoysoft Data Recovery create bootable drive

Step 5: Follow the wizard to create a bootable recovery drive on the USB drive.

iBoysoft Data Recovery create bootable drive

iBoysoft Data Recovery create bootable drive

Step 6: When the creation process completes, you can insert the USB drive into the unbootable Mac computer, and then press the Power button and Option key (⌥) to start the Mac.

iBoysoft Data Recovery create bootable drive

Step 7: Select iBoysoft Mac Data Recovery from the boot options.

Step 8: Follow the wizard to scan for the lost data on the corrupted internal hard drive.

Step 9: Choose the files you want to get back, and then click Recover button.

How to fix a broken Mac computer?

After transferring files from broken Mac to new Mac, you can reformat the system disk and reinstall macOS to make it usable again.

Step 1: Boot your Mac to Recovery Mode: hold down Command + R keys immediately after pressing the power button to turn on your Mac, release the keys until you see the Apple logo.

Step 2: Select Disk Utility from the macOS Utilities menu.

Step 3: Select the broken system drive from the side bar.

Step 4: Click on Erase from the top.

Step 5: Setup the required information to reformat the disk and click Done when finished.

Step 6: Go back to macOS Utilities screen and select Reinstall macOS.

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