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How to Fix a 32GB Micro SD Card not Recognized by a PC?

Hello, everyone. I have a 32GB Micro SD card works well with my PC, but it is no longer recognized by my PC. Can anybody tell me what's going and how to fix this trouble?

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Wednesday, November 22, 2023

From my experience, checking the connection should be the priority when you find that your 32GB Micro SD card is no longer recognized by your PC.

You can try another SD card reader or SD card adapter to reconnect your SD card and the PC. If your SD card can be recognized, I guess you need this article to fix your SD card reader: SD Card Reader Not Working, How to Fix?

If the alternative SD card adapter or reader fails to make your SD card recognized by the PC, insert your SD card into another computer to test if it can be recognized. 

If it can, it is your original computer port that goes wrong. You should take your computer to the local computer repair service.

If your SD card cannot be recognized by another computer, then it's your SD card that has corruption. You'd better buy a new SD card to store files and documents. Since your SD card can't be recognized by any PC, data recovery is not recommended here.

Finally, there are two kinds of hard drives, one is failed and the other one is going to fail. Therefore, building a good habit of backup is indispensable to avoid data loss.

Hope this answer is helpful to you!

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