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MacBook Won't Boot Up, Any Solutions?

The screen of my 13-inch MacBook Pro (2015) froze up when I was using it. When I try to restart it, a blinking folder with a question mark appears on the startup screen. When I enter Recovery Mode, the options in Disk Utility such as erase, First Aid, Partition, etc. are all grayed out. The TM back restore and Reinstall macOS Utilities are also grayed out there. After I put the MacBook aside for hours, I back to turn it on. The login screen appears but the screen freezes up again. What's going on?

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Friday, April 12, 2024

As your MBP shows the login screen the second time, you can reboot it into Recovery Mode to check if the utilities in Recovery Mode are workable this time.

The flashing folder with a question mark on your Mac startup screen is a warning to tell you that your Mac has serious issues stopping it from booting up. You'd better rescue data from your MacBook right now to avoid data loss.

To recover data from an unbootable Mac, you need to use iBoysoft Mac Recovery Mode. It helps you recover files from an unbootable MacBook via only one command.

After getting back the files, you can get about fixing your MacBook that won't turn on.

Here are some ways:

1. Run Disk Utility First Aid

If the utilities in Recovery Mode are available the second time you enter, run First Aid in Disk Utility to check and repair the startup disk. Then restarting your Mac to check if it can boot up properly.

2. Erase the startup disk and reinstall macOS

If First Aid can't fix the startup disk and your Mac still won't start, try erasing your Mac and reinstalling macOS in Recovery Mode.

3. Send to repair

If these utilities in Mac Recovery Mode are not working, you have to contact Apple support or a local repair center to help you check the hardware problems of your MBP, such as startup disk SATA connections, logic board, battery, etc.

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