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Why Does FCPX Not Seeing files on SD Card on iMac?

FCPX cannot see files in the SD card on the iMac running Catalina, while the same application can see files in the SD card on MacBook Pro running Mojave. Anyone can tell me why and how to fix it? iMac running Catalina and most up to date FCPX does not see the files on the card. The finder sees that there is data there but FCPX does not. MacBook Pro running Mojave and most up to date FCPX does see the files and can import them. Why is the iMac not seeing the video files on any SD card?

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iBoysoft author Jessica Shee

Jessica Shee

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

Hi there, you mentioned that the updated FCPX cannot see the files stored on the SD card on your iMac running macOS Catalina, while the Finder software can. Moreover, the FCPX can access the same SD card files on the MacBook Pro running macOS Mojave.

Be easy, facing this, I suggest that you check if the Full Disk Access allows the FCPX to access the files on your SD card first. 

you can launch System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Click on the Privacy tab > Select the Full Disk Access folder in the left sidebar > Click the bottom lock icon and enter your admin password to enable further changes > Click the + icon on the right pane > Choose the target app and click Open to add it to the Full Disk Access list

Learn more about Full Disk Access: What Is Full Disk Access on Mac & Is It Safe to Allow It

Here, you can launch the FCPX to check if the files show up in it. If it does, import them directly.

If it doesn't, try the following method patiently.

You can try to delete the preferences for fixing this problem. Hold down the Option key and Command key as you launch the FCPX, then click "Delete Preferences" in the prompt that pops up. 

You can always try to delete the preferences. It is a simple way that I always recommend giving it a try whenever FCPX starts working poorly in any way.

If the 30 seconds you spend don't fix this problem well, you're able to create a new folder on your iMac and copy the video files to the new folder. After the copy work is done, launch the FCPX, and then try to import the videos from the new folder.

Look forward to hearing your problem is fixed well!

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