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What to Do If My MacBook Pro 2012 A1398 Not Turning On?

My MacBook Pro 2012's battery died a long time ago so it's barely been running off the plugged-in power cord. I rarely turn it off, either run it or put it in sleep mode. But I can't turn it on now since last weekend I turned it off. I tried a different power cord, but no luck. I also took the battery out and then in, but still no use. I really need some data on it, if there's a chance to boot up my MacBook Pro?

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Monday, April 29, 2024

Have you checked the power source? Ensure that your MacBook Pro is properly connected to a healthy power source. You can change a power source or try a different power adapter.

To rescue files from your MacBook Pro that won't turn on, you can try iBoysoft Mac Recovery Mode. This special recovery mode allows you to recover files from an unbootable Mac without creating a bootable drive or taking out the internal drive.

If your Mac even can't boot into iBoysoft Mac Recovery Mode, it shows that your MacBook Pro's battery is seriously damaged. You have no other choice except to take your MacBook Pro to a local repair center to change a battery or ask a data recovery lab to repair the damaged internal disk and recover files. That usually costs a lot.

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