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iMac Won't Boot Up, What Should I Do?

My new iMac worked perfectly fine for the last day. But when I went to boot up it on this morning, it barely started the progress bar and then had a kernel panic. Then, the machine goes into an endless loop of restarting, and the kernel panics. Unfortunately, I even can't enter Safe Mode or Recovery Mode. I ran Apple Diagnostics and received reference code ADP000, and no issues were found. Can anyone tell me what makes my iMac fail to boot up? Thanks a lot!

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Friday, April 12, 2024

Since your iMac even won't enter Safe Mode and macOS Recovery mode, the first thing I have to mention you to do is, to check your power cord and outlet. You can change a power socket to verify whether the damage of it or not makes your iMac fail to get enough power to support itself turning on.

If useless, try the following tricks to fix your Mac not booting up (only for Intel-based Mac models):

  • Reset NVRAM. This is to refresh the corrupted OS-related settings that stop you from accessing your iMac.
  • Reset SMC. SMC controls battery and power-related settings. Resetting it can exclude the errors in SMC that block your iMac from starting up.

If these ways change nothing, you'd better contact Apple support to find a better way to repair your new iMac.

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