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How to mount external HDD with Terminal commands?

What is the correct Terminal command and syntax to FORCE MOUNT and external APFS volume? Disk Utility sees it as 2TB-3, greyed our, will not Mount, and will not ‘completely’ verify. /dev/disk5s1. Running First Aid on Mac OS 10.14.6 gives this: error: (oid 0x404) apfs_root: Bob: _omap_lookup_obj(0x404, 0x0): no such file or directory fsroot tree invalid. All I need to do is mount it, even read-only. The data I need NOW is on it. Target is a boot volume with the same OS. Was connected as a data volume and was working fine right up until it wasn’t.Tried all the Terminal Eject and unlock commands. It is not locked. Now also in a bad internet spot. The hotel is in the middle of nowhere and no possibility of an OS update. Suspect the target drive is very full too. Can anyone help?

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

The correct Terminal commands to mount an external hard drive on Mac are sudo mkdir /Volume/drive name and sudo mount -t hfs /dev/disk1 /Volumes/usb, you should replace "drive name" with the name of your disk and replace the number with your own disk in "disk1" when operating. 

Your external hard drive greyed out in Disk Utility indicates Mac can't automatically mount the drive, thus you can't read and write to the drive as usual. The drive could be corrupted. And the fsroot tree is invalid further illustrates the external hard drive is corrupted.

Thus, the corrupted external hard drive can't be automatically mounted in Disk Utility or force mounted in Terminal. You'd better recover data from corrupted external hard drive on Mac, and then follow the steps below to fix it without losing data. Here, we recommend iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac for its high recovery rate, risk-free environment, easy-to-use UI, etc.

After getting off files from the corrupted external hard drive with third-party data recovery software, you can try to format the external hard drive on Mac to remove logical errors on the drive. Then, you can mount it on Mac normally.

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