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Is there any way to fix or repair a microSD card on ChromeOS?

I have an (apparently) corrupted or damaged SD card that almost got in the fire. I only have an Acer chrome book (chrome os 80.0.3987.137) and I know it's pretty basic but is there any way to run an app/tool/application to fix or repair the microSD card? Thank you, guys.

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iBoysoft author Ciki Liu

Ciki Liu

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

If your microSD card was almost in fire, it's not very likely to fix or repair it since it's physically damaged. However, you can go to a local disk repair center and ask the disk repair specialist for help. If by any chance the SD card is still repairable after you connect it to your PC, you can repair your corrupted SD card in a Windows or Mac operating system.

Why does it have to be a Windows OS or macOS? That's because Chrome OS does offer a recovery utility, but it's designed for ChromeOS recovery only and does not apply to corrupted SD card recovery. Therefore, you should either uninstall the ChromeOS and install a Windows OS on your Acer PC, or find another computer, be it a Windows or Mac one. Then you can start to repair the corrupted SD card.

It's worth noting that before directly fixing the SD card, you should recover your data from it first. You should try to rescue your data from the corrupted SD card as much as possible before it's getting worse.

iBoysoft Data Recovery is powerful free SD card recovery software that can help you recover data from corrupted microSD card with a fair recovery rate. It also supports RAW SD card recovery and BitLocker recovery. 

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Once the data is recovered, you can fix a logically corrupted SD card using these methods on a Windows computer.

  • Assign a new drive letter to your microSD card.
  • Use Error Checking to verify file system errors on your memory card.
  • Run CHKDSK command to repair corrupted SD card file system.
  • Format the corrupted SD card.

Hopefully, these solutions work for you. 

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