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Is it possible to undo Empty Trash on Mac?

I had a number (about 80) MP4 files saved in a folder on my dock. I then dragged two items from that folder which I noticed were JPEGS into the trash. I then emptied the trash and the original folder on the dock in now empty. I can't find the files anywhere. Is there anyway of getting them back or are they gone forever?

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iBoysoft author Anna Yuan

Anna Yuan

Answered on Thursday, March 9, 2023

I noticed that you only dragged 2 items from the folder on the Mac Dock into Mac Trash and emptied it. But now all the files in that folder seem missing or lost. That's weird and I believe you may miss some detailed information about the data loss. Luckily, no matter whether you're missing all files or only the 2 JPEG files, they are not gone forever. It's possible to undo Empty Trash on Mac.

Please calm down and try to recall if you've backed up your Mac with Time Machine or iCloud, If you have, you can restore the deleted folder directly to your Mac with Time Machine or iCloud. If you never backed up your Mac before emptying Trash, then data recovery software for emptied Mac Trash could be your last resort to get your important folder back. 

iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac app is professional data recovery software to recover emptied Mac Trash. It stands out for its advanced file scanning algorithms, high recovery rate, fast scanning, recovery speed, etc. It is easy to use and supports the latest macOS 13 and Apple silicon Mac.

To undo Empty Trash on Mac, Simply download the iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac app and launch it and then use its "Search for Lost Data" function to scan Mac's internal hard drive. Next, you can preview the scanned results and recover the deleted files you want. See? it's really easy to get the missing files from emptied Mac Trash with the help of iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It's a really useful app worth trying.

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