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Is It Possible To Recover A replaced File In Pages On My Mac?

I had two Pages docs open, and wanted to change the name of both. One was called "[Word]" and the other was "[Word]-[Other Word]". I changed the first one, then went to change the second, but accidentally only typed in "[Word]". It did pop up a window saying there was already a file with that name and asking if I wanted to replace it, and I, being a total idiot, thought for a sec it was asking if I wanted to replace the NAME of the file, so I clicked replace. And you know what happened. It essentially disappeared the first doc, and now all I have is the second. And the first doc was huge and had taken weeks. And now it's gone. I tried to revert it to a previous version, but the first doc isn't in any of those versions. I tried iCloud recovery, and it's not in there. I do not have a time machine backup already done, because I thought iCloud was enough. Is there any chance at all of recovering that first doc, or is it gone forever? Please don't tell I'm dumb because I already feel like the dumbest person on the planet.

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

Hi there, as you mentioned you have no Time Machine backup, and the file editing app's native restoration function doesn't work at all, I guess the final way you can have a try is to utilize data recovery software. Here, we highly recommend the secure and easy-to-operate iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. This Apple-trusted Mac data recovery app can scan your entire Mac hard drive and detect overwritten files with reliable, secure, and advanced algorithms. Then, returning all the lost data it scanned for you. More importantly, it is designed with a user-friendly UI and has an on-screen guide which anyone who knows nothing about technology can do.

Step 1: Free download, install, and launch iBoysoft Data Recovery Software on your Mac.

Step 2: Select your Mac hard drive and click "Search for Lost Data"  to find the lost files.

Step 3: Preview the scanning results by type to find the replaced Pages document.

Step 4: Click "Recover" to get back your wanted files.

Finally, please always back up any important files, or the data loss will cause you big trouble!

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