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MacBook Pro (2020) Not Booting Up?

My MacBook Pro (2020) shuts down by itself when asleep (lid closed). This mainly happens when I bring my Mac outside my house. Once it shuts down, the only way to turn it on is to plug a charger into it. I updated the MBP, booted up in Safe Mode (once connected to the charger), reset PRAM and SMC, and tried a previous version of "Big Sur". No luck at all. It is inconvenient to plug in my charger and then unplug it once the Mac turns on. Any idea will be much appreciated!

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iBoysoft author Connie Yang

Connie Yang

Answered on Wednesday, July 26, 2023

How long does your MacBook Pro take to goes automatically shut down after you put it to sleep? When your MacBook drains the power, it naturally shuts down. But if your MacBook randomly shuts down when there's enough power, it is not a common thing.

You can check if the battery can hold the power for a normal or relatively long period. If it can't, the battery probably has some issues, making the power being used too quickly. You can contact a local repair store to fix it. And I have to note that, as your MacBook Pro starts to shut down by itself after being in sleep mode, you'd better back up the files on it in case your MacBook won't turn on some day in the future. 

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