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My Dell computer starts to a blue Bitlocker recovery screen, how to get past it?

Has anyone had the Bitlocker blue screen suddenly appear on their Dell computer without you having installed or activated it? I'm stuck at the BitLocker recovery screen because I don't have the key it asked. I have lost all data on my hard drive because of this, and I think Dell might be responsible for the whole situation. Also, and more importantly, can you imagine any way for me to get my files back?

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iBoysoft author Jenny Zeng

Jenny Zeng

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Look for the BitLocker recovery key in all of your accounts that were logged into a Microsoft product and try them on different Microsoft websites.

The BitLocker encryption in your case is called Device Encryption. Different from the standard BitLocker encryption, it turns on automatically when you sign into your laptop with a Microsoft account or join with a corporate domain account. The recovery key will also be saved to your Microsoft account automatically.

Windows generally won't pop up the BitLocker recovery screen unless you've made changes to it, such as updating BIOS, disabling Secure Boot or Trusted Platform Module (TPM), replacing hardware, or restoring Windows using the push-button reset feature.

To get past the recovery screen, you need to retrieve the BitLocker recovery key from your Microsoft account.

It's usually in the account you used to log into Windows for the first time. Use it to log in to the links below one by one until the recovery key is found. After logging in, look for your device and the recovery key should be near it.

  • https://account.microsoft.com/devices/recoverykey
  • https://myaccount.microsoft.com
  • https://mysignins.microsoft.com/
  • https://azure.microsoft.com/en-ca/account

If you have no luck with this account, try all the other email addresses that you have used with Microsoft services. The recovery key could be a work or school account that you rarely use.

If you've tried all the possible accounts but still can't find the recovery key, consider:

  • Reactivate your One Drive account if it's locked, then log into the given links again to see if the recovery key shows up.
  • Enabling Secure Boot.
  • Uninstall the recent update.
  • Rolling back to the previous BIOS version.
  • Reinstalling Windows.

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