Apple Magic Mouse not Scrolling, How to Fix?

By Anna | Posted to Home > Howto, on November 1st, 2021

Summary: This is a post regarding how to fix Apple Mouse not scrolling issue in 6 different ways. Besides, it talks about the reason why Magic mouse won't scroll.

Apple Mouse not scrolling

It’s well-known that Magic Mouse, especially Apple Magic Mouse 2 has powerful functions and is fitted with multi-touch capability. But sometimes it can be a real pain for any Mac user when one of the convenient features of Apple Mouse not working on Mac, especially when Apple Mouse not scrolling.

Fortunately, when Magic Mouse won’t scroll, it's quite simple to fix. Here you may find 6 methods to fix the Apple Mouse not scrolling problem:

Apple Mouse not scrolling: Replace/Recharge the batteries

First things first, have a check on the power source of your Apple Magic Mouse to see if it has a faulty or depleted battery. If you’re using the original Magic Mouse ( Apple Magic Mouse 1), try to check it by replacing the old batteries with the fresh batteries and to see if it scrolls normally now.

Besides, if you’re using the Apple Magic Mouse 2, you can easily check your Magic Mouse battery level by selecting the Bluetooth icon from the top menu and selecting your mouse from the list.

check Apple Mouse 2 battery

Unlike 1st generation Magic Mouse, the Apple Magic Mouse 2 comes with a built-in battery. So if you found your Magic Mouse 2 has run out of power source, you can charge your mouse by connecting the USB-C cable to a USB-C port on your Mac.

Waiting for at least 15 minutes until the mouse power source is sufficient and check if Apple Magic Mouse not scrolling issue has been resolved.

Apple Mouse not scrolling: Restart Bluetooth Service

If the insufficient power source is not the reason that the Magic Mouse won’t scroll, then maybe it’s a problem with the Bluetooth connection. Sometimes, the Bluetooth connection does not work correctly if used for a very long time. But don’t worry. This can be easily resolved by restarting the Bluetooth.

To do that, you can turn Bluetooth service on and off by clicking on the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar on your Mac. Or click the Apple logo, select System Preferences > Bluetooth, and then toggle the Turn On & Off button.

restart Blutooth

Reconnect your Magic Mouse when Magic Mouse won't scroll

If refreshing Bluetooth service is useless for fixing Magic Mouse not scrolling issue, then it’s worth trying to re-pairing the Magic Mouse with your Mac. Here’s how:

  • Click on the Apple logo, go to System Preferences, then click Bluetooth.
  • Click the button that appears next to your Magic Mouse. Then press Remove when the confirmation window appears.
  • unpair and reconnect Apple Mouse
  • To re-pair your Magic Mouse, turn your Magic Mouse off and back on again, then wait for the Magic Mouse to show in the devices list, and then press Connect.

Apple Mouse not scrolling: Reset the Apple Mouse Settings

Most Mac users are aware that incorrect Mouse settings could lead to unable to perform right-click on Mac. Besides that, incorrect Mouse settings can cause Apple Mouse not scrolling issue as well.

Perhaps you can try the following steps to reset the Mouse settings in Accessibility to fix it:

  • Open Apple Menu and Select System Preferences.
  • This time select Accessibility and click on Pointer Control. If you are on an older version of macOS, click Mouse & Trackpad.
  • Click Mouse Options and enable the Scrolling checkbox and select the without inertia option on the drop-down menu.
reset Apple Magic Mouse

Now that you have the correct settings, check if the scrolling feature is working fine on your Magic Mouse.

Magic Mouse won't scroll: Restart your Mac

If your Apple Magic Mouse is still not working for scrolling, maybe it’s time to give your Mac a reboot. Sometimes, restarting Mac always helps fix various Mac problems and problems related to Mac accessories, including Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or keyboard.

Simply click the Apple logo, then select Restart. When your Mac boots again, see if the Magic Mouse issue has been fixed.

Apple Mouse not scrolling: Update macOS

If none of the aforementioned methods fix the problem of Magic Mouse won’t scroll, maybe you should check if your macOS is the latest version. Some earlier macOS contain bugs or are even not compatible with your Apple Magic Mouse.

So to fix this problem, you may have to download and update macOS since macOS updates improve the stability, compatibility, and security of your Mac, and updating Mac might also resolve the Magic Mouse not scrolling issue.

updated to macOS Monterey

Why is Apple Mouse not scrolling?

Just like what is mentioned above, many reasons could lead to Magic Mouse not scrolling issue. The common causes include the faulty or depleted battery, poor connection with Mac, and wrong Magic Mouse settings. Besides, macOS bugs or incompatibility could also lead to this problem.

To increase the success rate of fixing the Apple Mouse not scrolling problems, it's recommended to follow any of the steps or procedures accordingly and try the solutions one after the other when one doesn’t work.

If unfortunately, none of the 6 solutions works, you may have to send your Mac to a local Apple store for repair.

FAQs regarding Apple Mouse not scrolling

1. Why is Apple Magic Mouse scrolling so slow?

To fix this issue, press Command + Spacebar keys to launch Spotlight, type in “Accessibility”. When Accessibility is highlighted, click it to its main menu, and select Point & Click > Mouse Options.

If the Tracking speed slider is set to an extremely slow speed, adjust it to a relatively fast speed that suits you better.

2. Why is Magic Mouse not scrolling on Windows?

The main reason for Magic Mouse not scrolling on Windows is you may not reinstall the recommended driver - AppleWirelessMouse64 from bootcamp5.1.5769.

But if you have reinstalled one and Magic Mouse scrolling still not working on Windows, basically you need a newer version of the driver.