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- The First Aid Feature

Overview of First Aid

iBoysoft DiskGeeker's First Aid feature is a combination of Mac's First Aid and Windows's chkdsk command. It is used to check and repair disk errors that cause a problematic disk with a slightly corrupted file system. It is often used when macOS can't automatically mount the disk, can't read the disk, or shows up an error message when you try to manage the disk or stored files.

When you select a volume with APFS, HFS, HFS+, FAT, FAT32, or exFAT file system and then click First Aid option from the toolbar, iBoysoft DiskGeeker uses Mac's built-in First Aid functionality in Disk Utility to verify and repair a limited number of directory structure problems. It is often suggested to run the tool more than once to ensure a consistent result.

When you select a volume with NTFS file system and click First Aid option, iBoysoft DiskGeeker uses chkdsk, short for check disk, tool in Windows. This disk utility will ask you if you want to check the disk or repair the found errors. If you choose to check the disk, iBoysoft DiskGeeker looks for errors but does not fix them. If you choose to repair the disk, the software verifies the file system integrity and attempts to fix logical file system errors for you.

How to use First Aid to check and repair a volume?

Step 1: Select a problematic volume from the left panel.

Step 2: Click "First Aid" from the toolbar.

check and repair a partition

Step 3: (for NTFS volume only) Select "Check" or Repair".

check or repair an NTFS partition

Step 4: Wait for the process to be done and click "Complete".

repairing a disk

FAQ about First Aid in iBoysoft DiskGeeker

1. Will First Aid erase my data?

iBoysoft DiskGeeker's First Aid feature will never erase or overwrite your data as it just checks and repairs errors in the file system.

2.How long does First Aid take to run?

Checking a healthy disk on your Mac only takes a couple minutes. But if your disk is corrupted, running First Aid to verify and fix the errors could take a longer time.

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