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Can't delete the app with the correct admin password, help!

I am unable to delete the application on my MacBook Air. Whenever I enter the password to delete the application it is saying that it is incorrect when I know for a fact that it is correct. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Theoretically, any third-party app could be deleted from your Mac. Only the system app or an app in use could not be removed. Sometimes, it asks for your admin account and password, if the password is incorrect, you can not successfully delete the app.

Did you log in as an administrator account on Mac? Some operations on your Mac are only allowed for an admin such as installing and uninstalling applications and changing the system settings. You can check this on macOS Ventura by navigating to the Apple menu > System Settings > Users & Groups, it lists all the user accounts and tells the type of each account.

If the current account is an administrator account, you enter the right password, and it still fails, you could try other methods to uninstall apps on Mac, including Launchpad, Finder, Terminal, the app's built-in uninstaller, and third-party uninstaller app for Mac such as iBoysoft MagicMenu.

If it keeps asking for the admin password, and the Mac won't accept the correct password, then you should first solve this problem so that you can proceed to install unwanted apps on your Mac. Try the methods below:

  • Check whether the keyboard is stuck on the caps lock or damaged
  • Reset NVRAM/PRAM
  • Reset SMC
  • Boot into safe mode
  • Reset your password
  • Recover data and reset Mac

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