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Safari says cannot create file when downloading, how to fix?

Have an early 2006 iMac 17 inch with Intel chip running OSX 10-47 using Safari. Quite suddenly, when I try to download anything (widgets, any applications etc) I now get the error message "Cannot create file" and am unable to download. Safari used to work fine but now won't let me download anything! Help! Chris. Intel chip iMac 17 inch Mac OS X (10.4.7) Early 2006 iMac

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Monday, February 19, 2024

When you download from Safari but it prompts the cannot create file error, it indicates there is a permission issue relating to the chosen file download location. You must have read-write access to the download folder so that Safari can create new files in it. 

Therefore, you should check the current download folder for Safari: 

  1. Click Safari next to the Apple menu and choose Settings
  2. Choose the General tab on the pop-up window.
  3. Locate File Download Location to see where the downloads are saved.

Then, you should check the permission for the chosen download folder.

Find the Safari download folder, right-click it, and choose Get Info.

  1. Expand Sharing & Permissions.
  2. Check the folder's privilege for your user account.
  3. Click the drop-down menu to change permission on Mac if necessary and choose Read & Write.

You need to be an admin to change folder permission on Mac. If this method doesn't work, try to create a new folder under your Home folder, then use it as the file download location for Safari. Or, switch to another user account(create a new user on Mac if necessary) to fix Safari downloads cannot create files.


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