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Why Does MacBook Pro Not Boot and Charge?

Hello, I desperately need your help. My Macbook pro 15 inch (2019) wont start up or charge. I tried doing the smc and power start. My charger is working fine because i tried using it on other laptops. I tried using other chargers on my laptop and its not charging. (it does not light up nor make a sound when i press the power button or any buttons). The last thing i saw was a black screen with a plug and a lightning icon. But i can’t even charge my laptop. Now it won’t even show anything. Before this happened i noticed that the battery icon on the upperight shows that it was charging , but the charger wasnt even plugged in, sometimes the percentages jumps for example 40% to 25% to 40% so i searched and tried SMC. After SMC the lightning icon was gone but it drained fast, and cant charge it anymore. It was working fine last night and charging too. I dropped it but it was many months ago (a 12inch drop, macbook has a speck smartshell case) thats the first and last and is working fine. No liquid spills or anything like that. I have not updated to Mac OS Big Sur, im using mac os catalina. Hope someone can help me . :/

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Monday, July 10, 2023

It seems that your charger or computer hardware caused your Mac malfunctional. So please try connecting the charger to another USB-C port and test if it can manage to charge your device.

Or take your macOS device and charge cable to the nearest Apple store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for professional diagnoses.

Good luck~


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