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My SD card missing after importing from it to Mac!

While importing photos using a card reader from my SD card to my computer - I clicked delete photos after import as always and hit import. The message automatically popped up that I did not have enough space in my photos library to import the photos. I went thru and cleaned out my library as much as I could. Went to plug the card reader with the card in it back in and all photos that I had been trying to import are gone from the card. My "last import" folder is empty in photos and I cannot find the photos anywhere. PLEASE HELP - I am an amateur photographer by trade and this is how I make my living! I need these photos!

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iBoysoft author Amanda Wong

Amanda Wong

Answered on Friday, April 12, 2024

It seems that there is a conflict while you attempt to transfer photos from the SD card to your Mac causing the photos to disappear from the SD card. Then, the best choice for you is to perform photo recovery on the SD card to retrieve your lost photos ASAP! Don't continue to use the SD card before recovering!

Given that the available space in your photo library is insufficient, the transferring process should haven't begun or it has been interrupted when the space is used up. As you said, you have clicked delete photos after import as always, you probably cleared those selected photos you want to import from the SD card

Anyway, the photos should display on your SD card or your Mac, but if you can't find those imported photos anywhere, you can try to recover lost photos on your SD card and the Mac. There are two ways you can choose from. 

If you have enabled Time Machine on your Mac and connected the backup drive when the SD card is plugged in, then you may have created a backup of the SD card and your Mac before the photos are missing. If so, insert the Time Machine backup drive into your Mac, and restore photos from it.

In case there is no available backup, then the third-party data recovery software is what you need such as iBoysoft Data Recovery for Mac. It can scan out deleted/lost files on your SD card and make them visible for you, then you can preview the scanned photos and recover the wanted ones to a different location. Free download and have a try!

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