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How To Fix The RAW Disk Images When Changing HFS To APFS?

Hi there, I met a trouble when I changed from my Mid-2011 MacBook Air (macOS High Sierra) to my new 2017 MacBook Air (macOS Mojave) there were 20 RAW disk images on my new machine. Can anyone tell me what's going on and how to get them fixed? And the disk activity goes like these: ***Begin monitoring DiskArbitration activity ****DiskAppeared ('disk0', DAVolumePath = '', DAVolumeKind = '', DAVolumeName = '') Time=20190131-11:34:11.7776 ***DiskAppeared ('disk0s1', DAVolumePath = '', DAVolumeKind = 'msdos', DAVolumeName = 'EFI') Time=20190131-11:34:11.7789 **DiskAppeared ('disk0s2', DAVolumePath = '', DAVolumeKind = '', DAVolumeName = '') Time=20190131-11:34:11.7790

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iBoysoft author Vain Rowe

Vain Rowe

Answered on Friday, June 14, 2024

Hi there, it seems that your disk image is fitting the new file system automatically. My suggestion is to use your new machine and access the files and folders created/stored on the old device as usual to see if there is any quirk occurring. If you fail to access them, try from data backup or iCloud manner.

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