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Can SSD data be recovered after a hard format?

Hey there! I want to know if hard format my MacBook SSD, how would one go over recovering data from the SSD? Is it possible to recover data from an SSD that is hard formatted? If you have any ideas about this question, please let me know!

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iBoysoft author Rivers Wong

Rivers Wong

Answered on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

For a quick answer, it is not possible to recover data from your SSD after you full format (or hard format) it. Because when a format is performed, it overwrites all data on your SSD with new, optimized file structures.

In the case of a quick format, quick formatting an SSD will only delete its pointers, and the actual partitions containing your important data will be left untouched. Thus, the chances of data recovery are pretty good. You can use some third-party data recovery software to recover your data from the quick-formatted SSD.

However, a full format (hard format) effectively deletes all your files and scans all the sectors on your drive to check their health. It will not only overwrites all data on your SSD with new, optimized file structures, but a full format also wipes all the sectors on the SSD and files them with zeros. As a result, MacBook SSD data recovery can be tough in cases where a full format is performed.

Even though a hard format is not directly detrimental to the SSD of your MacBook, I don't recommend you frequently hard format your SSD because the drive only supports a limited number of write cycles before they die.

Also, always remember back up all your important SDD files to other external storage devices. So when an unexpected situation strikes, all you can lose is hardware.

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