Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave: Read/Write NTFS drive on macOS Mojave 10.14

Posted by Molly to NTFS for Mac on June 21st, 2018

After installing macOS Mojave, I installed Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 and the program displayed a message that the OS is unsupported. I'm using both Windows and Mac and need read/write support on macOS. So my problem is, is there any replacement for reading and writing NTFS on macOS Mojave?

Is Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave any good?

Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave enables you to read and write NTFS drive on macOS Mojave. With intuitive design, Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave allows you to mount, remount NTFS formatted hard drives, flash drives, and SSD easily. But still, some users are complaining NTFS for Mac not working on macOS Mojave, Paragon NTFS for Mac failed to recognize the NTFS drive on macOS Mojave, or the price and updating fee is too expensive.

Any alternative to Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave?

Yes. There are two Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave alternatives which can help you read and write NTFS drives on macOS Mojave.

No.1: NTFS Assistant – the cheapest Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave alternative in APP Store.

NTFS Assistant offers us not only the cheapest price in App Store, but also the fast speed when transferring bulky files. It enables read/write to NTFS external hard drive on macOS Mojave/High Sierra 10.13/10.12 Sierra/10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7. With NTFS Assistant, we can easily copy files to the read-only external hard drive, save files from macOS to the NTFS external hard drive, rename a file, edit a document, etc.

Guidance to download and use NTFS Assistant

Step 1: Download and install NTFS Assistant from App Store >>.

Step 2: Download and install NTFS Assistant Helper >> to enable NTFS read-write access.

After installing both NTFS Assistant and NTFS Assistant Helper, NTFS Assistant has the ability to read/write NTFS drives in macOS Mojave, just like Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave.

No.2: iBoysoft Drive Manager - cost-effective alternative to Paragon NTFS for macOS Mojave.

iBoysoft Drive Manager is a macOS Mojave compatible menu bar tool which enables you to read, write, edit, delete files on NTFS drives and transfer files between Windows and Macfully.

iBoysoft Drive Manager

This NTFS for Mac tool allows you to add network drives and map them as local drives, then you can edit, connect or disconnect them from the menu bar easily. Plus, it provides one-click solution to manage your drives. For example, with only one-click, you can mount/unmount external drives, or connect/disconnect network drives. It works with a wide range of drives, including external hard drives, external drives, USB drives, SD cards, digital cameras and so on.

NTFS for macOS

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