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How to Fix the Parameter Is Incorrect on BitLocker Drive

Updated on Friday, June 14, 2024

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Summary: This post guides you on how to fix BitLocker drive the parameter is incorrect. You can get files off from the inaccessible BitLocker drive with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows and make the drive usable again.

bitlocker drive the parameter is incorrect

When connecting an external hard drive to your Windows PC, the OS should detect the external disk and mount it, then you can access the drive to read and write data to it. But unexpectedly, the error message "the parameter is incorrect" pops up on the screen, and the connected drive is not accessible.

This problem also occurs in BitLocker encrypted drives. If you receive the "parameter is incorrect" error while opening a BitLocker HDD, SSD, SD card, USB flash drive, etc on your computer, you can read this post for fixes.

Fixes for the parameter is incorrect error on BitLocker drive:

Troubleshooting the parameter is incorrectDifficult levelRisk level
Run the CHKDSK command to check and repair the driveMediumHigh
Format the BitLocker drive to make it usableEasyHigh
Run SFC to check and restore Windows system files MediumMedium
Change decimal symbol settings Easy Low

The parameter is incorrect, what is the error

For most computer users, the error message "x drive is not accessible, the parameter is incorrect" makes you puzzled. The parameter is incorrect often means that there is a problem with the settings or input given to a certain command or activity. It implies that the program's or system's argument or parameter is invalid or not in the desired format. 

the parameter is incorrect

When it says the BitLocker drive is not accessible and the parameter is incorrect, it is most likely that the file system is damaged so that Windows can't recognize it. Besides, the reasons behind the incorrect parameter on the BitLocker drive could be:

  • Improper ejection
  • Faulty connection
  • Physical damage
  • Sudden power outages
  • Decimal symbol configuration
  • Outdated software or drivers
  • Hardware issues
  • Virus infection

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Recover data from BitLocker drive the parameter is incorrect

If you fail to open the BitLocker encrypted drive with the parameter incorrect error, all your files kept on the BitLocker drive are inaccessible, which poses the data at risk. Therefore, once the parameter incorrect errors happen to your BitLocker drive, you should first recover data from the BitLocker encrypted drive.

Given that recovering data from a BitLocker drive is more difficult than from an unencrypted drive, you should pick up professional and excellent data recovery software which can recover data from the BitLocker encrypted drive. iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows is such a versatile tool, it provides three modules for data recovery, including Data Recovery, RAW Drive Recovery, and BitLocker Recovery.

Steps to recover data from BitLocker drive with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows:

  1. Download, install, and run iBoysoft Recovery for Windows on your computer.
  2. Choose the BitLocker Recovery module on the main interface.main interface
  3. Select the connected BitLocker drive with the parameter incorrect error.
  4. Click the Next button at the right-bottom corner.
  5. On the pop-up window, enter the BitLocker recovery key or encryption password to unlock the drive, and click OK to start scanning the drive. 
    enter bitlocker recovery key or encryption password
  6. Wait for the process to finish, then filter and preview the scanned results.
  7. Tick the wanted files and right-click to choose Recover, save them to a different location.

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Fix the parameter is incorrect on BitLocker drive

You can not access the BitLocker drive when it says the parameter is incorrect, preventing you from reading and writing data to the drive. To make the drive usable again, you need to fix the parameter incorrect error. After you have already got files off the BitLocker drive with iBoysoft Data Recovery for Windows, you can now head to troubleshoot the parameter incorrect error without losing data.

Try to turn off BitLocker on the drive:

  1. Select the Start button.
  2. Under Windows System, select Control Panel
  3. In Control Panel, select System and Security.
  4. Find BitLocker Drive Encryption, and select Manage BitLocker.
  5. Next to the target BitLocker drive, click Turn off BitLocker.

turn off bitlocker

If you successfully turn off the BitLocker encryption on the drive, you can repair the drive to fix the parameter incorrect error, otherwise, the only resort is to format the BitLocker drive to make it readable and writable again.


When there are errors on your internal or external drives, you can run the CHKDSK command to check and repair logical errors on problematic drives. Some Windows users reported that they can access the drive after turning off BitLocker and running the CHKDSK command. Here's how:

  1. Type 'cmd' in the search box, and right-click Windows Command Prompt to choose Run as administrator.
  2. Enter the command below(replace x with the correct drive letter) and press Enter. chkdsk /f x:
  3. Wait for the process to complete.

Reformat the BitLocker drive

In case you can't turn off the BitLocker encryption, you may need to forcibly break it bt reformating the drive. Make sure you have already recovered data from the inaccessible BitLocker drive before you perform a reformat on it, given that it is impossible to retrieve your files back from a reformatted BitLocker drive as it deletes the metadata during the process. After reformatting the BitLocker drive, you can use the drive as normal.

reformat drive on windows

Run SFC scan

When Windows system files are missing or corrupted within the computer, it may also cause the BitLocker drive parameter incorrect error. To eliminate the errors related to system files on your Windows PC, you can run SFC(System File Checker), a Windows built-in tool to scan to repair them by typing the command "sfc/scannow" in Command Prompt.

Change decimal settings

Incorrect date and time settings on your Windows could also be the culprit of the "the parameter is incorrect" error. The decimal symbol should be set to ".", if not, you can change the decimal settings to see whether it fixes the device parameter incorrect error.

  1. Head to Settings > Time & Language > Region & Language.
  2. Click the Additional date, time, & regional settings option.
  3. Under the Region section, click"Change date, time, or number formats.
  4. Choose Additional settings, then in the Decimal symbol, type " . "(dot), and click OK twice.
  5. Restart the Windows computer and try to access the drive again.

change decimal symbol settings

If any method helps to fix the parameter incorrect error, share it with more people!