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Should I Upgrade to macOS Sonoma or Wait?

Updated on Thursday, May 16, 2024

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Answered! Should I Upgrade to macOS Sonoma?

On September 26, 2023, Apple just released macOS Sonoma. All the new features were revealed at WWDC 2023 earlier this year. Now, macOS 14 is out. Also, it is free as usual. It includes brand-new features like interactive widgets, game mode, 100+ wallpapers, screen savers, and more. 

Some Mac users have already installed macOS Sonoma, but some others are hesitant: should I upgrade to macOS Sonoma right away? To make the best decision for your situation, keep reading for some advice.

should i upgrade to macos sonoma

What's new in macOS Sonoma

The latest macOS Sonoma, an upgrade of macOS Ventura, brings a bunch of powerful features to elevate creativity and productivity and enhance security and privacy protections, there are some major ones:

Stunning new screen savers

On your huge Mac display, new slow-motion screen savers showcasing amazing destinations from around the world look stunning. They automatically change into your desktop background when you log in. 

Add widgets to your desktop

Put widgets on your desktop from the new widget gallery. Additionally, you can now do a lot of things directly from a widget, including playing a podcast, turning off the lights, and more. You can also access iPhone widgets on Mac, and the widgets fade for better focus when you open an app or window or use Stage Manager.

Video Conferencing

While sharing your screen in FaceTime or other third-party video conferencing apps, Presenter Overlay maintains your center stage. In video calls, Reactions layer 3D effects such as hearts, balloons, confetti, and more all around you and can be activated with gestures.

Other features and improvements included in macOS Sonoma

  • Web apps and Safari profiles provide you with entirely new ways to organize your browsing. 
  • Game Mode boosts your gaming performance.
  • Password and passkey sharing make it simple to share accounts with trusted contacts.
  • Message can sync Live Stickers from iOS and iPadOS to macOS.
  • Click wallpaper to reveal desktop so that you can quickly view and access widgets and desktop items.
  • Improved autocorrect accuracy, inline predictive text, and improved Dictation experience in Keyboard.
  • Privacy features such as Sensitive Content Warnings, Expanded Communication Safety,  and improved sharing permissions.
  • Accessibility adds Live Speech, Personal Voice, Made for iPhone compatible hearing devices.

Whether to upgrade to macOS Somoma

All of the above features could attract you to upgrade to macOS Somoma. However, just as in previous macOS releases, Mac users may encounter some issues related to the software or hardware, which could be a headache. Some experts recommend waiting for a week or more to upgrade after the Sonoma release. Therefore, before updating, there are a few more things to think about.

Supported Mac model

Apple phased out the final Mac models using Intel CPUs in 2023. Apple silicon (M1, M2) processors, which were initially made available in late 2020, are found in every Mac product now on the market. The writing is on the wall that macOS may no longer support any Intel-based Macs in the foreseeable future, even though Sonoma straddles the line and offers compatibility for contemporary Intel-based Mac computers and Macs with Apple silicon computers.

Check out the list and identify your Mac model to see whether it is compatible:

  • MacBook Air: 2018 and later
  • MacBook Pro: 2018 and later
  • iMac: 2019 and later
  • Mac Pro: 2019 and later
  • Mac Mini: 2018 and later
  • Mac Studio: 2022 and later
  • iMac Pro 2017

Compatibility of third-party apps

There may still be users who are using 32-bit plug-ins and outdated software. MacOS 10.14 Mojave, released in 2018, was the most recent version to support 32-bit software. Since then, every version of macOS has demanded that applications run 64-bit code.

The problem is that software developers and manufacturers inevitably lag behind each year when a new version of macOS is released. In order to make their hardware, firmware, and software compatible with the new OS, they must play catch-up and produce new upgrades.

Therefore, if there are work applications on your Mac, you should make sure they are compatible before you upgrade to macOS Sonoma, check the info by visiting the official websites of the app. If they are temporarily unsupported by macOS Sonoma, wait for the app update.

Possibility of minor issues

Although Apple deemed Sonoma stable enough to release to users, you might encounter some inconvenient issues. There are numerous threads on both the MacRumors and official Apple forums that highlight the problems. There are a variety of problems, from simple ones like alarms not going off to serious ones like MacBook Pro battery drain. To finish some tasks while dealing with this sounds like a huge hassle.

The bottom line

After reading this post, you may already have your own answer to the questions should you upgrade to macOS Sonoma. If your Mac model is compatible with macOS Sonoma, the apps crucial for you are supported by macOS Sonoma,  and you don't mind a few minor problems, just go for it! You'd better back up the Mac before upgrading to macOS Sonoma. If upgrading to macOS Sonoma is not the best choice in your case for the moment, just wait!

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