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How to Test Disk Speed On Your Mac

Updated on Monday, May 13, 2024

iBoysoft author Henrique Vieira

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Henrique Vieira


How to Test Disk Speed On Your Mac

Do you know how fast is the hard drive on your Mac? In this post, we are going to talk about disk speed test on Mac computers, including what it is, how to test disk speed on your Mac, and how to fix if the result is not satisfactory. Read on to know more.

Should you test disk speed on a Mac

The Mac assists you to do a lot of everyday work like writing a work report, watching HD movies, searching materials online, and maybe some heavy graphics-intensive projects which require a lot of hardware performance.

Smooth and fast performance on a Mac is what everyone wants. Hence, making a disk speed test on Mac can ascertain whether your drive's performance is up to the mark, providing you indicators to take further measures to improve performance.

Besides, the result of a disk speed test also tells whether you can run certain programs (such as heavy creative software) effectively. It is also a handy tool when you want to troubleshoot your Mac, make a performance comparison between two Mac models, etc.

How to test disk speed on a Mac

There is no built-in feature on Mac computers to make a disk speed test. Therefore, you need to download third-party software on your Mac in the first place.

Among all the disk speed test programs, these four rank at the top of the list:

iBoysoft DiskGeeker. This versatile tool for Mac can test drive's read-write speed. It provides 2 modes for internal hard drives and 6 modes for external hard drives. Meanwhile, it detects more drive info and displays under the drive name, including the health state, temperature, etc.

iboysoft diskgeeker internal disk speed test mode

BlackMagic Disk Speed Test. It is free to download from Mac App Store. There is only one window and it displays write and read speed in MB/second.

BlackMagic disk speed test Mac

NovaBench. This free benchmark app measures Mac's disk speed, and other capabilities including RAM, graphics, and CPU performance. It will give scores, the higher, the better.

Novabench disk speed test

GeekBench. It is free to run a 32-bit benchmark and paid to run a 64-bit test. It is a useful tool for measuring your Mac's CPU performance and memory speeds.

Geekbench disk speed test

Before starting a test, you'd better quit other apps on your Mac. In this way, you can get more accurate results. It is also recommended to perform multiple rounds of testing on multiple programs.

Now, you can launch the installed testing program on your Mac, and select your startup disk(Macintosh HD), then click start/begin on the window. Waiting for the test completes, and the results will display here.

What to do if your disk speed is slow

If it seems like your Mac performs slowly or abysmally, you can try the fixes listed below to make it work more efficiently.

Free up disk space. No more available storage will slow down the read and write speed. You can delete unwanted files, clear caches on Mac, upload large files to a cloud drive, etc.

Download and upgrade macOS. An updated Mac operating system may make your computer run slowly. It's better to upgrade your macOS to the latest version.

Replace the disk drive. If you want to improve the disk performance greatly, you can replace the disk drive with a new one. But bear in mind that this may void the warranty.

Use external drives. You can choose to use an external HDD or SSD as a supplement to your installed disk by connecting it to your Mac with a USB.

Final Words

Performing a disk speed test on Mac will let you know whether your disk is up to par. And these speed test programs are easy to use. If the result is not satisfactory, try the methods above to fix it. When the test result is extremely bad, it indicates there may be serious problems on your disk. You should back up data first to avoid data loss accidentally.