License key not received?

Step 1: Check the spam, trash, junk folder.

Step 2: Check if you entered wrong email address.

If you entered wrong email address, please contact [email protected] with your transaction receipt. If not, please go to step 3.

Step 3: Inquire your license key online.

If you placed the order on, retrieve your license key here.

If you placed the order on, log in your 2Checkout account and get your license key.

How to log in your 2Checkout account:
Find the Login portal URL ( in the order confirmation email sent by 2Checkout.
If it is the first time you log in 2Checkout account, fill in your purchase email address or order number and click Sent access link.
After logging into your 2Checkout account, find the order and get your license key.

If the above steps cannot help, please contact [email protected] (Attach your purchase email address, order ID or transaction receipt).